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Temora News Today

Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) has ended his show career in the USA.

He has been campaigned for one year and in that time, he has won:
BOB at AKC Eukanuba under Mareth Kipp in 2012
BOB at the ATCA National Specialty under Jon Cole in 2013
BOB at Westminster under Merle Taylor in 2013
BOB at AKC Eukanuba under Beth Sweigart in 2013
He has 15 Group ones in 2013 and made history by winning the FIRST Reserve Best in Show for Australian Terriers!

I would like to thank Zane Smith for seeing him in 2012 and believing in Mac enough to put his name on him and campaign him for the year. Mac ended the year as the #2 dog Breed and All-Breed and Zane & I could not be prouder of his accomplishments!

Even more important, he is a proven sire and I am sure his future offspring will be just as good if not better than he is! His current offspring have been good representatives of the breed!

To the Judges that have seen and given Mac Breed and Group placements and on two occasions, Reserve Best in Show, THANK YOU for recognizing this beautiful dog!

To Kellie Dahlberg who has shown him for the year, a BIG THANK YOU!
He has been your bed buddy, your pampered child as well as your brat and I know you love him. He will miss you for sure. We joked in 2010 how one day you would Special him, little did we know then, it would come true. Mac did what he did because of you!

To Dan and Cathy Dahlberg, thank you for the friendship and the support over the years. It was greatly appreciated! Your photos Cathy, are what kept me connected.

Sincere thanks to everyone for cheering Mac on and as for the future, well…. stay tuned!
There is more to come with Temora Australian Terriers!


Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) BEST OF BREED at the AKC Eukanuba Championship show!
Thank You Judge Beth Sweigart and a BIG Thank You to Kellie Dahlberg!

12-7-2013 to 12-8-2013
I went to the Rosemont shows in IL on Saturday to help and support the owners that have Aussies from me. It was a fun day and I have to admit, it was nice to watch for a change instead of competing as usual!
Cindy and Walker (Temora Keeping Stride) were Best of Breed both Saturday & Sunday
Tera (Temora Southern Comfort) and Judy were WB/BOS on Saturday
Bounce (Temora Viva La Vida) and Luci were WB/BOS on Sunday
Both are getting their first points towards their AKC Championship!
Luci and Bounce were also 3rd in their Junior class each day.
THANK YOU to everyone for a wonderful weekend!
It was fun!

Mac & Kellie were at the South Dade Kennel Club show for Saturday only.
Mac was Best of Breed and took a Grop 3
Now it is time to rest until the Eukanuba pre-shows.
Hard to believe the year is almost over!

11-23-2013 to 11-24-2013
Exciting weekend for Mac & Kellie
They were at the Brandon Florida Kennel Club
Thank You Judge James E. Frederiksen
Group 1!
Thank You Ann Hearn!
GREAT weekend and congrats to Kellie Dahlberg who shows and loves Mac!


11-15-2013 t0 11-17-2013
Mac & Kellie were showing in FL this weekend
Mac won the breed every day and took a Group 3 on Sunday!
He gained 101 ALL Breed points from that win!
Although an entry may be large to start with, you always have absentees. So although it said that 122 terriers were entered, the final count was 103 and so Mac's points in winning the Group 3 ended up being the 101.
Nice win and congrats to Kellie & Mac!
The competition right now is pretty tough at these larger shows. The year is almost over so the top dogs are striving for those last minute wins to keep their end of the year standings.


10-10-2013 to 10-13-2013
Mac & Kellie are back in Florida showing locally.
Results are as follows:
Mac - Best of Breed and a Group 1!
Mac - Best of Breed and a Group 1!
Mac - Best of Breed and a Group 1!
Mac - Best of Breed and a Group 2!
Mac & Kellie are on FIRE at the moment!

10-5-2013 to 10-6-2013
Road Trip!
So to find some quality competition, a friend and I decided to travel to North Augusta South Carolina to meet up with some Aussie friends. Due to one reason or another, they were not going to the big Montgomery show this year.
Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) won the breed both days and also the group both days!
Pennie (Temora Almost Famous) was Winners Bitch on Saturday for the major
Bacon (Temora Say It With Bacon) was Reserve Winners Dog on Saturday for his first show
Sunday he was Winners Dog, Best of Winners for the major!
Tera (Temora Southern Comfort) won the 4-6 month puppy group both days as well!
GREAT time with GREAT friends and well worth the drive!
Thank you to Cindy & Walker for joining us!
Amazing that two intact boys got along with no issues when I had a bitch in season with me!

9-28-2013 to 9-29-2013
Had some fun over the weekend!
Rory (CH Temora American Maid) and I traveled to the Rockford Freeport IL shows and she won the breed each day and then took back to back Group 3's! Very proud of her considering she is just a bit over the age of one year old!
Mac in the meantime was at a Florida show and he won the breed on Saturday and then took a Group 2!
Luci & Bounce were moved up in Juniors and she is in a new class. As you move up, the competition gets harder! She is now in Open Junior and she took second place her first time in this class on Saturday! She was totally awesome to watch and did not seem nervous at all. I see great things in her future if she keeps this up!
Congratulations to everyone!


GREAT news from over the pond!
Paris (UK/AM CH Temora's The Simple Life) who now lives with friend and breeder Sheila Stoddart in Scotland were at the Driffield Championship Show and Paris won the Bitch CC! Harvey (CH Millvalley Scotch Mist) her son, was Best of Breed for the Dog CC and his littermate Sylva (Millvalley Prima Donna) was Reserve CC.
Nothing like consistency!
CONGRATULATIONS to Sheila & Malcolm-Julie Skelton (Harvey's owners!)
Here in the States we also had a good weekend!
Mac & Kellie were at the West Volusia Kennel Club shows and they not only won the breed each day, but won the Group too!
Congrats to everyone!

9-13-2013 to 9-15-2013
Mac & Kellie are in Pinehurst NC this weekend for some shows there. Yes, they are still traveling!
Mac, Best of Breed and a Group 3 at the Carolina Terrier Association Show!
Best of Breed
Best of Breed

9-6-2013 to 9-8-2013
Mac & Kellie are once again on the road traveling to a show. This weekend they go to Elk City OK for shows.
I wonder if Mac thinks he is now eligible for frequent flyer miles? :)
Best of Breed, Group 4
Best of Breed
Best of Breed
I was also showing this weekend at a local show - Kenosha Kennel Club
Pennie (Temora Almost Famous) made her debut' in the ring and was Winners Bitch both Saturday & Sunday for her first points
Rory was also showing and won the breed both days and took a Group 4 on Saturday and a Group 3 on Sunday!
The best part was watching Luci & Bounce in the Juniors ring!
Luci & Bounce were second in their class on Saturday
On Sunday they placed first and with this win, she now completes the required wins to advance to the next level of Juniors - Open Juniors!
Congratulations Luci & Bounce!!

8-30-2013 to 9-2-2013
Mac & Kellie traveled to Amana Iowa for the shows there. I will report how Mac does as I get the results. I have been forbidden to go (it is about a 4 hour drive) as Mac gets too goofy with me around. At least I know he still loves me!!
Best of Breed, Group 4
The judge commented on how nice both dogs were (the current #1 dog was at this show, Mac is the #2 dog) right before she gave Mac the win in the breed ring!
The #1 dog comes from the Benayr lines and he has done very well in his career over the last 2 years.
Hopefully Mac will be just as successful if he is out that long!
Best of Breed & a Group 1!
Best of Breed

Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) is in Atlanta GA this weekend for the shows there. I will report results as I get them:
Best of Breed
Best of Breed
Best of Breed & a Group 2!
Sunni (Temora Come Spirit Come Charm) was Winners bitch for 2 points
Best of Breed

7-31-2013 to 8-4-2013
Mac & Kellie are in Salem VA for the week at some shows there. Mac is just traveling all over the place at the moment.
Large shows with some top terriers, so it will not be easy wins.
I will post results as I get them!
Wednesday, July 31
Best of Breed
Thursday, August 1st
Best of Breed
Friday, August 2nd
Best of Breed
Saturday, August 3rd
Best of Breed
Sunday, August 4th
Best of Breed

07-27-2013 to 7-31-2013
Been a LONGGGGG weekend. My Kennel Club (Waukesha Kennel Club) had their show this weekend. I did not show Friday or Saurday, too busy working, but I did show Rory (CH Temora American Maid) on Sunday.
Mac was also showing in Greenville SC, he went breed each day (Sat-Sun) and he is currently in Virginia at shows there.
I was the judge for the terriers in the Eukanuba Breeders Stakes on Friday, July 26th, talk about fun!!
Anyone that has not tried this, needs to if you are a Breeder. Hopefully they will be coming back next year as I myself want to participate!
Rory, not only did she win the breed on Sunday, but got the Group 1 in the Owner/Handler. We did not go Best in Show, but that is ok, we had FUN!
Luci and Bounce also had a good weekend and on Sunday, Luci won her Novice class against 5 ohter very good, young Handlers! Congrats to both of them!
Walker (Temora Keeping Stride) was Best of Winners on Sunday and went breed on Saturday, he is looking good! Congrats to Cindy, she is doing a wonder job with him!
Now to sit back and relax for a bit until the next thing comes up!

07-06-2013 to 07-14-2013
Well, it has been a busy busy week!
Mac and Kellie have been up to visit for the last couple of weeks. What fun it has been to have them here and to have Mac home!
On top of that, I am a GRANDMA again!
Below is the timeline of events including photos:
Saturday, July 6th
We were at the Dekalb shows, Mac and Roya were entered both days
Roya (Millvalley Touch of Class) was WB for 2 points under Toddie Houston Clark
Mac as SEL Dog
Sunday, July 7th
Roya was RWB and Jazzy, a nice little bitch owned by Nancy Tibett was WB. Jazzy is a Bully (CH Temora Bully For You) granddaughter!
Mac was Best of Breed

July 11, 2013
I am a GRANDMA again!
Henry Martin McCoy was born at 1:33pm
7 lbs, 19.5" long
I am sooooo in love with this little guy!

Mac & Kellie were in Belvidere IL for the shows there
Mac was Best of Breed
Mac was Best of Breed and also took a Group 2 under Judge Merle Taylor who also gave Mac Best of Breed at Westminster!
Mac was Best of Breed and also WON the Group under Judge Mareth Kipp who also gave Mac Best of Breed at Eukanuba!
Wonderful weekend and as you can see below, Mac worked really really hard!


Soooo.... I was at Mitchell International dropping off a puppy at the ticket counter who is going to Utah and there was a guy that was dropped off late by his driver so he missed his flight from Milwaukee to O'Hare. He lives in Sacramento CA. He was trying to get another flight to O'Hare so he could get home. He was in Wisconsin for a Charity Golf event. Don't ask me why, but he looked like a nice guy. Even though I needed to get to work, I offered him a ride to O'Hare. His flight took off at 10:00am, it was 8:00am. I knew I could get him there a little after 9:00am. On the way to my car, we introduced ourselves and his name was Greg Vaughn, he used to play for the Milwaukee Brewers! Like, here I am helping a stranger only to find out he is a celebrity. I GOOGLED him when I got home. I know, I am crazy, but he needed some help and why not?! Had no clue who he was when I offered help........

06-21-2013 to 7-1-2013
Mac (BISS GCH Temora Ri Diercc) is going to be busy the next week and then some as he travels with Kellie to the Florida shows and then treks on over to the Virginia shows. Most terriers are in California for the Great Western Terrier Shows. So right now, those of us that stayed behind are trying to do something while all the 'Top 10 Dog's are gone!
Will post results as I get them!
Brevard Kennel Club - Mac was Best of Breed and a Group 2!
Best of Breed
Space Coast Kennel Club - Mac was Best of Breed and a Group 2!
Best of Breed
Best of Breed
Best of Breed
Best of Breed
Best of Breed

6-14-2013 to 6-16-2013
It has been a busy weekend!
Mac & Kellie were off to shows in Florida and Me & Rory were off to the Grayslake shows.
Rory (Temora American Maid) was WB/BW/BOS!
In winning BOS over the bitch Special, it gave her ANOTHER 3 point major!
Luci & Bounce were entered and once again, you can see what this little girl is capable of as she gets better and better at the shows. She did not win today, but it is just a matter of time before she does!
Rory once again won and was WB, this gave her the final points (once again a major), she is now:

CH Temora American Maid

this little girl has won ALL her points for her AKC Championship with majors!
Also on Saturday, Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) was BOB and won a Group 2 under Robert Black
Rory was bumped up to the Specials class.
Before she went into the ring, Walker (Temora Keeping Stride) owned by Cindy Burgess, was WD/BW for the major cross-over!
Rory then went into the ring and was BOS!
Mac at his show was BOB and won a Group4!
It was a wonderful weekend at the show! Pennie & Bacon also went for individual days and everyone is liking BOTH puppies!

Bull & his ball, need I say more?!


6-1-2013 to 6-2-2013
News from the Homefront & Canada
Been a VERY busy weekend!
This weekend I was at the Fox River Valley shows in Woodstock IL with Rory (Temora American Maid.)
Luci was there with Bounce (Temora Viva La Vida), Cindy came with Walker (Temora Keeping Stride) and Fran came with Roya (Millvalley Touch of Class.) We were also joined by newcomer Nancy who has a puppy from Ann Roache.

I also know that Carol Whitehead in Canada was at a show this weekend with Jewel (Temora Diamond in the Ruff.)
On Friday, Jewel won the points and was Best Puppy and Best of Opposite.
Congrats to both Carol & Jewel!

Leslie with Libby (CH Temora Maid in America) were also competing in performance. Lib & Leslie earned their first combined title in World Cynosport Rally (formerly APDT Rally.) This title is the ARCH, and is earned by qualifying 5 times in both levels 1 (on-leash) and 2 (off-leash) in the same trial with scores of 190 and above. They had a great night, with an average score of 204, and brought home a beautiful gold/purple/lavender rosette that's about as big as Libby.

Saturday in Woodstock:
Luci & Bounce were in their very FIRST AKC Junior competition. Luci & Bounce were both nervous, but they did so very good, I was very proud of her. She was 3rd in her class.
Rory in the regular class was Best of Breed for a 3 point major. She then went on to the Bred-by group and was 3rd in the group.
Roya was Reserve Winners Bitch and Walker was Best of Opposite.

Sunday in Woodstock:
Luci & Bounce were much more relaxed in the Juniors ring today. She was FIRST in her class!! Yeah!!

Rory in the regular class was Best of Breed for a 3 point major and then went into the group ring and won a Group 4!!
Bounce was Best Puppy and won a Group 2 as well!
GREAT weekend for Temora Australian Terriers!!
Congratulations to all!

05-25-2013 to 05-26-2013
Mac & Kellie are at the Fort Meyers KC this weekend.
Mac was Best of Breed and took a Group 3 today
Mac was Best of Breed and took a Group 3
Also in the news is Walker (Temora Keeping Stride), he was in his first earthdog event on Saturday with his owner Cindy.
He will also start his show career the weekend of June 1-2, looking forward to seeing him again!




5-18-2013 to 5-192013
Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) & Kellie were in FL this weekend at the Iverness KC
Mac was BOB and took a Grp2!
Mac was BOB








As of March 31st 2013, Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) is the #1 Aussie in the USA in All-Breed points and the #2 Aussie in the USA in Breed points!
Way to go Mac & Kellie!!
Rory (Temora American Maid) is also in the stats as the #13 in Breed and the #14 All-Breed Aussie in the USA. Considering she has only been shown 5 times, I think that is pretty good!


4-11-2013 to 4-13-2013
Mac & Kellie and a handful of other aussie people are at the Perry GA shows that start today.
I will post results as I get them.
Angelo (CH Marble Arch the Corner Man), who is a Mac-son was Best of Breed!
Congratulations Sandra & Angelo!
Mac was Select Dog
Mac was Select Dog
Mac was Best of Breed

4-4-2013 to 4-7-2013
Mac is in AL this weekend for shows there, he is the only Aussie entered. Will post results as I get them:
Mac took a Group 4 under Peter Green
Mac was Best of Breed
Mac took a Group 3 under Judy Webb
Mac took a Group 2 under Robert Shreve
Rory (Temora American Maid) and I were at the DeKalb show this weekend. There was no class competition on Saturday, but on Sunday, Rory was RWB!
At National Terrier this weekend, I heard that a Bully granddaughter was Best Puppy at the show!!
Good weekend for the Temora Gang!!

At the end of March,
Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) is the #1 Australian Terrier in the USA All-Breed
the #2 Australian Terrier in the USA Breed!
Congratulations to Zane Smith his owner and Kellie Dahlberg, Mac's handler for doing such a GREAT job with him!


Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) and Kellie are at the Concord NC shows this weekend. I will post results as I get them.
Good luck to both of them!
Best of Breed
Best of Breed and he won the Terrier Group!!
Also Carol Arnold and Sunni (Temora Come Spirit, Come Charm) were entered and Sunni was WB for the major!

Mac, Best of Breed and once again SUNNI, WB for a 4 point major!! Congratulations Carol & Sunni!
Mac, Best of Breed and a Group 2!!
GREAT weekend for the Temora Dogs!!

News from the Homefront and Across the Pond!
Derby, (Temora's Photo Finish) was at the Northern counties terrier Show, she was BOB over her housemate Sylva and then went BIS3!!
Congrats Sheila & Derby!

On this side of the pond, Walker (Temora Keeping Stride) who is a littermate to Rory was in his first B-Match. He was BOB, then won the Terrier Group!! Very happy for Cindy who is going to show him and Walker who is as adorable as they come! He received lots of compliments from the judges as well as other exhibitors.

Well, all of the February stats are in for Australian Terriers.
Normally I do not follow them too closely, but seeing how Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) is starting his campaign, I will report where he is each month as far as Aussie stats go.
At the end of February, Mac is the #1 Aussie in All-Breed points and the #2 Aussie in Breed points.
More fun is the fact that Rory (Temora American Maid) with winning the breed just the one time, is the #11 dog in breed points!
Rory and I need to do more shows like that one!!
Go Mac & Rory!!

3-7-2013 to 3-10-2013
Mac (BISS GCh CH Temora Ri Diercc) is in Tennessee starting today to show with Kellie. I will post results as I get them.
He is the only Aussie at these shows this weekend:
Best of Breed
Best of Breed
Best of Breed & a Group 4!! - this is a REALLY tough terrier group, so getting this placement is great!!
Most of the top terriers in the country are at this show!
Best of Breed

Rory's (Temora American Maid) photo from winning the Breed (with an entry of 9 Aussies) from the Bred-by class in DesMoines IA on 2-16-13.
This win gave her a 5 point major! Very proud of this little girl!


3-1-2013 to 3-3-2013
News from the Homefront!
Mac was in Florida, (where else!) showing in Pensacola.
Here are his results:
Best of Breed
Best of Breed and a Group 3!
Best of Breed
He had a good weekend and very proud of him!

Mac's official Westminster Photo!
Thank You Judge Merle Taylor!


News from Leslie & Libby!! (CH Temora Maid in America)
Libby and I have been working hard too and are proud of our first rally adventure for 2013. We are working on our first combined title in World Cynosport Rally (formerly APDT Rally-O). We need to earn 10 double Qs, qualifying in both Level 1 (on-lead) and Level 2 (off-lead) during the same trial. All scores must be 190 or above. A perfect score is 200 and each course offers a 10-point bonus exercise, for which you can get partial credit if you don't execute it all perfectly We entered an all-day event with 3 separate trials this past Sunday and I am proud as can be to tell you that we earned our first 3 double Qs! All our scores except one (a 193) were in the 200s and our average score over all 6 runs was a 203. I'm thrilled. Six different courses felt like a lot to ask of Libby, but she was just as happy to work in run #1 as in run #6. Many people complimented her on how good her focus was and how nicely she heeled. She's starting to get more confident with distances and was able to work off lead 6 to 8 feet away from me! All that and her birthday, too--she turned 6 the day after the trial. She and her canine brother and sister shared a special birthday piece of steak broiled just for them! Rally is a great team builder for any performance sport, and I urge anyone who hasn't tried it to give it a go. It's amazing what you and your dog can learn to do together!

2-15-2013 to 2-17-2013
News from the Homefront and Beyond......
It has been an exciting weekend here in the states and abroad with Temora Aussies & Relations!

Friday 2-15-13
Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) was BOB at the Lakeland FL shows and then won the Terrier Group!!

Saturday 2-16-2013
Mac once again was BOB and won the Terrier Group AND was RESERVE BEST IN SHOW!!!
Reserve Best in Show went into effect last year July, so Mac is the first Australian Terrier in history to get a Reserve Best in Show.
Rory (Temora American Maid) and I went to Des Moines IA for one day of showing. I did not think anyone would be there, so only entered one day. Will not be doing that again!! LOL
Rory was Best of Breed from the Bred-by class!! In doing this, it gave her a 5 point major!
Thank you Judge Cindy Vogels!!
It was not expected and I am pretty sure I was grinning just a little bit :):)

Sunday 2-17-2013
Across the pond, at the Yorkshire Sporting Terrier Show, CH Millvalley Scotch Mist, who is out of CH Millvalley Firecracker & UK/AM CC Temora's The Simple Life was BEST IN SHOW !! Congratulations to his owners Malcolm & Julie Skelton and Sheila Stoddart, his Breeder!!
Mac once again was BOB and won the Terrier Group!!
What a weekend!!!
Congrats to EVERYONE!!

Update on Jasper - 1 of the Kansas 4 Rescues that I now have.

Jasper knows where the doors are now, so when you let him out,and he is done wandering, he knows where to go. Still needs to wear diapers in the house, but that is ok. He is putting on weight! He gets about 1-2 units of insulin a day & that has really evened out his blood sugars.
Best thing is that he now prefers to sleep near me in the doggie room.
Still on the floor, working on that doggie bed!!
I am thinking I will put the doggie bed under my feet so in order for him to be by me, he will have to sleep on it!!


Mac (GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) BEST OF BREED at Westminster today!
thank You Judge Merle Taylor!
Congratulations to Kellie Dahlberg, Mac's Handler and Zane Smith who saw something in my beautiful dog last year and decided he had to do something with him. THANK YOU!!

Breed Judging Video

Group Judging Video


​2-7-2013 to 2-10-2013
Been a busy weekend around here and overseas!!
On Thursday, I had a visit from Cindy and her boy Walker (Temora Keeping Stride) He is adorable and we are going to start showing him this summer. You can see his updated photo on the 'Show Dogs' page. On Saturday the Waukesha Kennel Club had their B-Match. A few of use brought our Aussie puppies. Luci had Bounce (Temora Viva La Vida) entered, this was Luci's very first show at the age of 8. When she turns 9, she will register as a Junior Hander, but for right now, she is just playing. She and Bounce did WONDERFUL! So very proud of both of them!! Cindy Read was also their with her puppies from Susan Bentley, they are looking really nice and it will be fun to show this year as there will be competition for ALL of us! Mac got to New York with Kellie and they were in the Garden Terrier Show on Sunday. Mac was SEL Dog, Rhonda Cassidy got a beautiful photo of him jumping, (see below.) She, like everyone else is totally in love with him!!
To top the weekend off, Mirelli (Temora's Adventure in Rival) was at the International Dog Show in Talinn. She was BOB in the intermediate class and got her CACIB!! Congratulations Anne-Lii!!




Been busy on the homefront writing! Have another short article in DOG NEWS I was surprised to see they cut out some of my winners, my winners bitch information and photo were completely cut!! Oh well, it still was fun to write. Have one more piece coming out in the AKC Gazette, then I am done for a while! Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) is heading to New York, hopefully ahead of the snow storm to show at Westminster with Kellie. Wish him luck!!


Jasper is here for the rest of his life. He has already made friends with Rory and again, THANK YOU to everyone that made a donation to ATR. With your help and support, he was able to get healthy enough to be here enjoying the rest of his life in my home.


1-24-2013 to 1-27-2013
Mac (GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) was in the last of the Florida circuit shows this weekend.
He was the only Aussie entered and took a Group 2 under Fred Bassett on Thursday.
Thank You to Kellie Dahlberg for doing such a good job with him!
On Monday, we pick up the last of the Rescue Aussies at the vet. Jasper, the 13 year old will be coming here to live. Jake is now in foster care and we are still working on Jasmine's adoption. Judy still needs a foster home and a forever home!

1-16-2013 to 1-20-2013
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) had her puppies on Wednesday. She had 8 total, 6 boys and 2 girls. I find this very cool as Bull (CH Temora Bully For You) was also born on the 16th of January. So were his Grandkids!! I have been thinking of growing out another male and wanted a Bully-by (son). I guess the Doggie Gods are trying to tell me something! Maybe I have so many boys in this litter because my next boy will come out of this one?? We shall see!

Mac (BISS GCh CH Temora Ri Diercc) is in Florida with Kellie attending some shows this weekend. Will keep things posted on his progress.

The 4 Senior Rescues are still at the vets office. Jasmine, the 10 year old is being released today. She has a new home waiting for her. Jasper -Jake-Judy are still in treatment for their different issues. They are doing great however and have bounced back quite a bit from just the change in food!


I apologize if I have not answered any emails as of late, but I have been on a rescue mission to Wichita KS to save 4 Senior Australian Terriers. This is a mission that started on Friday at 5:00pm. I drove to Wichita KS (11 hours.) to pick up 4 Senior Australian Terriers that due to their age, would not be saved if animal control took them. They are 13, 12, 10 & 9 years old.

Here is the update:
I got to Wichita KS late morning on Sat, 1-12 and met up with Nika from Animal Control. I followed her out to where the 4 Senior Aussies lived. We went to the house to say hello to the person who lived there. She had already signed the release form on all 4 dogs. She lives in a modest home, it was warm and clean inside. We chatted briefly and after saying good-bye, we went to go get the dogs. They lived in a cold shed, with wire pens coming out of the shed. The only thing separating them from the outside elements, was a flimsy doggy door. Mr Jigs (whom I renamed Jasper) is 13 years old. The end of his wire pen was caked w/feces. It was so high, it looked like a ledge. He had to walk and pee on this ledge each and every day. I told Nika I would wait for her by my car, I could not be there. She brought each dog to me and we put them in wire crates. Jacet, the other male and renamed 'Jake', promptly started shredding his bedding. I stopped to cry a bit. It was heartbreaking knowing how these dogs have lived their entire life. Then I got angry, then resolved. I decided NEVER AGAIN would they sleep outside in the cold. With that said, I also knew I could not stop and sleep in a warm hotel while they stayed in the car. They smelled too bad to have them in the hotel. So, I made the decision to drive straight home, an 11 hour drive. With numerous stops for gas, potty breaks, and feeding them, we set out. I called my vet and spoke to her assistant, if I could have them there by 10:30pm, they would wait for me. So with the Aussie Gods watching over me as I was speeding, encountering snow in DesMoines IA and freezing rain in Rockford, we got to my vet at 10:45pm. Dr Jody & Katie were there waiting for me. We got them pottied, fed and watered. Sunday will be a day of rest for them, Saturday was traumatic enough for them to start doing anything to them today. Tomorrow, Monday, we will start cleaning them up and vetting them. Donations are needed to help these guys. Please go to: if you would like to make a donation! You can earmark it for these Seniors!
Thank You everyone for helping! We did a good thing today!

1-11-2013 to 1-13-2013
Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) is in the Florida Cluster shows that start today with Kellie.
I will post the results as I get them
BOB & Group 4

January 4, 2013
BOS in Sweeps
2nd in the Bred-By Class

1-3-2013 to 1-6-2013
We got into Palm Springs CA for the National in the middle of the afternoon on January 2nd. How wonderful it was to be in warm weather!
Rory (Temora American Maid) was a pro on the trip, she was so good and I think even she was surprised at the temperature change. When carrying her through the airport, it was fun because I let her head out of the Sherper bag. Many people just looked at her little face and smiled.

The shows started on January 3rd, and the National was the 4th.

Thursday. January 3rd, 2013
Copperstate Australian Terrier Club had their Specialty today, with Sweeps under Joyce Standish.
She was also in the Bred-by class and won the class and THEN took Reserve Winners Bitch to the Major under Kathleen Ferris!!
This was her very first show!
Mac (GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) did nothing in the ring today, but he looked great!

Friday, January 4th, 2013
Australian Terrier National Specialty
Rory was once again BEST OF OPPOSITE IN SWEEPS!
She was then 2nd in the Bred-by Class under Jon Cole!!
Mac (GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) after much moving around by Judge Jon Cole, was Best of Breed at our National Specialty!
He will forever be known as:

BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc

This was probably, next to winning at the 2010 National with ALL of my dogs entered, the most exciting National I have ever been too!
A HUGE Thank you goes to Kellie Dahlberg as Mac looks amazing out there with her and also to Zane Smith, Mac's owner who sees the potential that this beautiful dog has and wanted him!
I also have to thank the judge, Jon Cole for his comment to me during photos "This dog is oozing type, there was no going past him."
Thank You Judge Jon Cole for this honor!

​Saturday, January 5th, 2013
Rory was 3rd in the Bred-By class under Clay Coady!
Mac made the cut for the breed, but did nothing after that.

Sunday, January 6th, 2013
I was not at this show as I came home as I had to work on Monday.
Mac made the cut for the breed, but did nothing.

EXCELLENT weekend for Temora Kennels!!
Looking forward to an exciting year with Rory and Mac!!

It is a New Year and tomorrow Rory and I leave for the National Specialty in Palm Springs CA!
It will be a fun time and I look forward

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