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Temora News Today


I hope that everyone near and far has a wonderful New Year and THANK YOU for loving Australian Terriers and for those that have a Temora Aussie,
I hope you are having a LOT of fun!

Happy New Year
Julie Seaton
Temora Australian Terriers

Eukanuba Week!
Bacon & Jackie are in Florida this week for the Eukanuba show in Orlando FL.
The pre-shows are from today until Thursday.
Terriers show on Sunday for the Eukanuba show.
Bacon was SEL Dog! Proud of this young dog! He is only 2 years old and is holding his own against other older, more mature dogs!
GCH CH Temora Say It With Bacon - BEST OF BREED today!
Very excited and happy, was not expecting this!
Thank You Jackie Johnson for handling him and Keke Kahn for the nice compliments on this young dog!
GCH CH Temora Say It With Bacon - SEL Dog today!
This young dog is holding his own against older, more experienced dogs!
Very proud of this team!


12-6-2014 to 12-7-2014
This weekend was a busy one!
Bacon (GCH CH Temora Say It With Bacon) was in Belleville IL showing with Jackie
He took a Group 4 both days.
I was at the Rosemont show in IL with Judy and Mary & Luci.
Temora When In Doubt Wear Red was BW for his first point!
Temora Southern Comfort was WB for a point!
Luci & Bounce (Temora Viva La Vida) were third in their Juniors class. There were TEN Juniors competing so this was a GREAT win for Luci!
Temora When In Doubt Wear Red was BW for a point.
Temora Southern Comfort was WB for a point!
It was a fun day and was great getting together with everyone!

CH Temora Keeping Stride CDX GN GO
Not to be outdone last weekend, Walker and Cindy were back in the ring this weekend!
Saturday at Fox Valley KC Under Judge Randy Capsel.
Open A - 1st place with a 198.5. Graduate Open- 1st place with a score of 197.5.
Walker received titles in both classes.
Congratulations Cindy & Walker!


11-8-2014 to 11-9-2014
CH Temora Keeping Stride CD GN
Walker showed for the first time today in Open A & Graduate Open. He was awesome! Got 1st place in both. Graduate Open score was 193.5. Open A was a 198.5 which tied him for High In Trial with 2 Goldens which were from Open B & Utility B classes. He lost the run off by 1 / 2 point.
What a boy!
Today: Open 197.5, 1st place. Graduate Open 194.5, 1st place.
Great weekend for Walker & his owner Cindy!


10-24-2014 to 10-26-2014
Bacon & Jackie were in Sioux City SD this weekend, they won the breed each day, but did not go any further than that.
Bacon now comes home for a month before he heads back to Jackie for some shows in December.

Elsewhere in Temora land .......
Karma (Temora Cause & Effect) who lives in Puerto Rico with her owner Jose was in her first show.
She won the breed under Peter Green
A Group 3 under Ed Bivin
and to top it all off a BEST PUPPY IN SHOW under Jon Cole!
Best of Breed under Beth Sweigert
Group 2 under Peter Green
Group 1 in the Terrier Owner/Handler series
Congratulations Jose!

Bacon & Jackie were in Srpingfield IL for the show weekend. Bacon was shown on Sunday only.
He was BOB and also took a Group 4!
Congrats to both of them!

10-4-2014 to 10-5-2014
What an exciting weekend!
Here locally at the Stone City Kennel Club, Bacon (CH Temora Say It With Bacon) was at the shows with Jackie and they won back to back Group 1's!!
Thank you Judges Warner Cespedes & William Rodriguez!
Luci and Bounce (Temora Viva La Vida) were also entered at the Stone City shows and Luci/Bounce won their Juniors class on Sunday!
She was BOS to Bacon both days in the regular show!
At the Montgomery show in Blue Bell PA, Dana was with Fleurie (Temora Bud & Blossom) in her very first show at the exact age of 6 months.
She was Reserve Winners Bitch!
Cathy Dahlberg was there, camera in hand and took a photo of Fleurie, she is so darn cute!

9-27-2014 to 9-28-2014
Bacon (CH Temora Say It With Bacon) was at the Rockford/Freeport shows this weekend with Jackie. They are both getting to know each other and I peeked in on them for Sunday's show. Bacon looked WONDERFUL and very relaxed and happy with Jackie and took a Group 4 with her that day! I went up to him and he took a moment before he recognized me, then he kinda went bonkers. Oh well, guess I have that effect on my dogs!

9-20-2014 to 9-21-2014
Walker, (CH Temora Keeping Stride CD GN)
Walker got his Graduate Novice Title on Saturday, 9-20-2014
His score was 198, and it won him 1st place.
He then repeated this on Sunday with a score of 196 and 1st place!
Congratulations to Cindy his owner and to the judges who told Cindy that they make a GREAT team!


Not to be outdone, Mac (UK/AM BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) was at the Driffield show on Saturday with Geoff and Sheila. Mac won the DCC and also BOB!

On Sunday at thte Northern Counties Sporting Terrier open show, Mac was BOB and BISS3!
Go Mac!

I went to the Kenosha show this weekend (Sunday only) with Bacon.
Luci & Bounce and Judy & Tera showed on Saturday.
Bounce with Luci handling her won the point on Saturday!
Bacon was BOB on Sunday with Tera winning the point!
GREAT day with friends!

Today was the introduction of Dana and her puppy from the Bull-Viki litter - Fleurie (Temora Bud & Blossom) to the world of dog shows! They competed in the AKC 4-6 month puppy class.
They won a Group 2 today!
Congrats to the new team!

Mac (UK/AM BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) with Sheila in the drivers seat headed off to Wales for a show today.
Geoff was handling and they won the DCC and BOS!

CH Temora Say It With Bacon
Proud and Happy to announce the NEW team of Jackie Johnson and Bacon!
Bacon will be shown by Jackie in the coming years.
At their first show together, today at Racine KC, they won a Group 3!
Considering Bacon has known Jackie for exactly 2 days, and he is 'green' behind the ears when it comes to showing, I think that is awesome!


8-02-2014 to 8-3-2014
Bacon (CH Temora Say It With Bacon) and I traveled to Marion IL for the Crab Orchard shows
Rory was with us for the ride as the club was offering eye exams and she needed her to complete her CHIC.
Bacon won the Group under Claudia Seaberg!
Yeah Bacon!
Bacon took a Group 2 under Karen Wilson!
So proud of this young dog and what he has accomplished in a short 2 week period!
He went from the # 19 dog to the #5 dog in just 2 shows! (Waukesha weekend)


7-25-2014 to 7-27-2014
What a Weekend!
Waukesha Kennel Club had their shows this last weekend with GLATA on Friday (terrier show)
Eukanuba also had the Breeders Stakes on Friday!
Bacon (CH Temora Say It With Bacon) was Best of Breed and took a Group 2 in the Breeders Stakes!
Thank You Karen Fitzpatrick!
Bacon was Best of Breed and took a Group 4 under Judy Franklin!
Bacon was Best of Breed and took a Group 2 under Ann Hearn!
Judy & Tera (Temora Southern Comfort) was Winners Bitch for the point
Luci & Bounce (Temora Viva La Vida) was Reserve Winners Bitch and More important, they WON their Juniors Class with tough competition!

You can never have enough bacon......

I have just received word from Geoff Corish that Mac (BISS UK/AM GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) is the #1 Aussie 1/2 way through the show season in the United Kingdom. Yeah Mac & THANK YOU Geoff Corish and Sheila Stoddart!

As many of you know, Mac (BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) is in the United Kingdom showing for the year. He is, for the most part, staying with Sheila Stoddart and is handled by Geoff Corish.
Today at the Blackpool shows, Mac was Best of Breed and received his 3rd Challenge Certificate!
He then went to the group and took a Group 4!
This latest CC means he is now:

BISS UK/AM GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc

VERY proud of his accomplishments and a HUGE Thank You goes out to ALL his supporters!

06-13-2014 to 06-14-2015
Bacon (CH Temora Say It With Bacon) went to the Little Fort show on Friday and & GLATA on Saturday.
Friday he won the breed under Judge Wood Wordall!
Tera who was also entered was RWB.
Saturday Bacon was SEL Dog.
He did good for as young as he is and I am VERY happy with him and how he showed!
Sunday I stayed home from the show and we had a nice Fathers Day by the pool with the grandkids and the Aussies also got their pool!


​5-30-2014 to 6-1-2014
The ATCA National Specialty was this weekend in Longmont CO!
It was an exciting weekend for Temora kennels at the Australian Terrier National!
FRIDAY (Specialty Day):
Tera (Temora Southern Comfort) was BEST BITCH for the first Futurity for Aussies! She then went on to win BEST IN SWEEPS. She followed that up with a RESERVE WINNERS BITCH! This gave her a 3 point major.


Carol & Jewel (Temora Diamond In The Rough) won the open class
Luci & Bounce (Temora Viva La Vida) were second in the open class.

Bacon (Temora Say It With Bacon) won the Bred-By class.
Pennie (Temora Almost Famous) won the Bred-By class, then won WINNERS BITCH/BEST OF WINNERS/BEST OF OPPOSITE (meaning she beat all the bitches that day, even the bitch Champions.)
This finished her Championship!
Pennie is now: CH Temora Almost Famous

To top that all off, Cindy & Walker (CH Temora Keeping Stride) were HIGH IN TRIAL in the performance ring!!
This is Walkers FIRST performance event show!

To say as a Breeder that I was proud of Temora dogs & owners is an understatement!

Luci & Bounce won their class in Juniors
Judy & Tera won their class
Carol & Jewel won their class & Luci & Bounce were 3rd in the same class
Bacon won the Bred-By class & then went BEST OF WINNERS for the major which finished his Championship!
Bacon is now: CH Temora Say It With Bacon
THANK YOU Jackie Johnson for helping out!
Pennie made the cut in the bitch Specials. Happy with her considering all she wanted to do was scratch some itch while walking... Silly girl!

Bacon was BEST IN SWEEPS & Pennie was BEST OF OPPOSITE IN SWEEPS! How cool was that?!
Judy & Tera won their class
Carol & Jewel were second in their class (Luci & Bounce were not entered today)
Bacon was moved up to the Specials class & he made the cut for Best of Breed! Very happy with that!
Icing on the cake was Cindy & Walker got a 195 in Graduate Novice & 197 in Novice B. This gives him his CD title!
He was also the highest scoring Aussie in Regular & Non-Regular classes!
Again, this was Walkers FIRST weekend out participating in AKC performance events!

It was a GREAT National & much fun with all the owners of Temora Aussies, friends & colleagues.
Much thanks to everyone for all the compliments on my dogs these last couple days!
If I forgot anything, let me know! Was a LOT to remember!

Mac (BISS GCH Ch Temora Ri Diercc) is at the Scottish Kennel Club show today showing under Judge Brenda Brown.
He is handled by Geoff Corish.
Mac won the CC (challenge certificate) and Best of Breed!
He now has 2 CC's and needs one more to become a UK Champion!
Thank You Judge Brenda Brown, fellow breeder and friend Sheila Stoddart and Geoff Corish for making my day!

5-2-2014 to 5-4-2014
Fun weekend at the dog show.
Barb from Michigan and Nancy from Indiana came to Wisconsin for the Badger Shows in Jefferson WI. Majors in the bitches all weekend long and Bacon was the single boy entry.
I did not show Bacon and instead showed Bounce as her owner Luci was in school. Bounce decided I was play mom and did not do so good with me in the show ring, but she sure had a good time! She was 3rd in the group and Jazzy, owned by Nancy Tibett was Winners bitch, which finished her Championship. Jazzy is a Bully (CH Temora Bully For You) granddaughter!
Bacon, (Temora Say It With Bacon) from the bred-by class was Best of Breed! Since he beat the 2 Specials entered, it gave him a 5 point major!
Tera (Temora Southern Comfort) was 3rd in the class
Bounce (Temora Viva La Vida) was 4th in the class
Luci was entered in a Special competition for Juniors. She did not make the finals, but she is #1 in our book!
Bacon was once again Best of Breed from the bred-by class which gave him a 4 point major, he now needs 3 single points to finish his AKC Championship.
Tera was WB for the 3 point major!
Bounce was 3rd in the class.
GREAT weekend for all of us and it was a good time being with fellow exhibitors.
This is what it is all about, having fun, showing your dog against OTHER Breeders dogs, being competitive and then going out at night and having a good time!

4-5-2014 to 4-6-2014
We have had our fair share of excitement around here the last couple days!
First with Mac at National Terrier and then with Viki having 9 puppies on the 5th and Rory having 7 puppies on the 6th!
I think I am now ready for a vacation!

BISS GCh CH Temora Ri Diercc!
Mac's first show in England! Yeah!!
BISS4 for Mac at National Terrier!
Over 1000 terriers at this show!
Yeah Mac!


For those excited about puppies coming, Viki is due this week. I know many of you are probably checking my site daily to see what is happening!
As soon as they are born, I will put the notice under the Bull-Viki litter page.
Rory is due next weekend, so it is going to be a fun time around here with grandkids and puppies!


3-29-2014 to 3-30-2014
Fun weekend here on the Homefront!
Cindy & Walker, Luci & Bounce and Judy & Tera were at the Packerland shows. I went up Saturday to visit as Viki was not showing signs of having puppies yet.
Walker (Temora Keeping Stride) was Best of Breed!
Bounce (Temora Viva La Vida) and Luci won their Juniors class and also were WB/BOS in the regular class for the point!
Tera (Temora Southern Comfort) was RWB

Walker (Temora Keeping Stride) was Best of Breed!
Tera (Temora Southern Comfort) was WB/BOS for the point!
Bounce (Temora Viva La Vida) and Luci won their Juniors class and were RWB in the regular class.

With Walker winning the cross over points both Saturday and Sunday, he is now:

CH Temora Keeping Stride

Congratulations Cindy & Walker!
Cindy will now be concentrating on performance events with Walker!




I am a Responsible Breeder.

Do I have your attention yet?

If you belong to PETA or HSUS, you will be screaming at the page about what a bad person I am, because I am a breeder.

I don't care. You are not even a thought in my head while I play, feed or love my dogs.

You are not foremost in my mind when I whelp a litter of puppies in my home, clean them, place them near their mom to make sure they nurse.
I don't think of you when I sleep on the couch that first week to be near mom and puppies.

You are not, nor have you ever been, on my mind.

I am sure that "people" like me are on your mind all the time. Do you have a dog? If not, you don't know what it's like to have one sleep in your bed, snuggled next to you. You do not know the feeling you get when you are blue, and your dog lays his head on your lap and looks at you with love that is unconditional. You wouldn't know what it feels like to have a dog work with you, not because it has to, but because it WANTS to.
What a miracle it is to have that bond that comes with loving a dog.

As a breeder, I stand up and shout, "I AM A BREEDER AND PROUD OF IT!" I choose to breed my dogs. I love them, teach them, work with them, and watch them grow from puppies to adults. Those that I do not keep are placed into loving homes that are wanting a purebred dog.

Kudos to all who want a purebred dog and do not believe the hype that PETA and HSUS put out in the media!

As a breeder, I stand up not only for myself, but other breeders who feel the same way. Breeding is NOT a crime, nor is it an act I take lightly. I feel responsible for every life I help bring into this world.

I laugh at the miracles, cry with the tragedies, and marvel when even one puppy that I have helped bring into this world is all that I would want for the breed I love so much.

I remember the parents, the grandparents, the great-grandparents, and many more generations, and I am overjoyed to have had them in my life.
I am truly blessed to know them, love them, and cherish them.

You toy with us, thinking you bring fear to our hearts. My fear is not of you, but whether a dog that may be sick, will be okay.

You contemplate your next move against us. I contemplate whether one dog ate another's food while I was not looking.

I have a life. It revolves around my family and dogs. Dogs have taught my children that affection does not have limitations.
They also taught them compassion.

Do you have a family? What are you teaching them?

I am a breeder, not just any breeder, but a Responsible Breeder.
I am proud to breed, own, and love purebred dogs.

- by Julie M Seaton


​​​​1-24-14 to 1-26-14
At the local dog show held in Grayslake IL
Had a GREAT time with wonderful friends and it was a fun time for all!
Rory (CH Temora American Maid) BOS
Walker (Temora Keeping Stride) was BW for a 3 point major!
Jazzy (Roachan's Rockin Block Party) owned by Nancy Tibett was WB for a 3 point major!
Jazzy, is a Bull (CH Temora Bully For You) granddaughter
Tera (Temora Southern Comfort) was RWB
Rory (CH Temora American Maid) was BOS
Walker (Temora Keeping Stride) was BW for a 4 point major!
Pennie (Temora Almost Famous) was WB for a 4 point major!
Rory (CH Temora American Maid) was BOB and made the cut in the terrier group.
Pretty proud of Rory considering she is only 1 1/2 years old!


Bacon (Temora Say It With Bacon) and I went to the Land O Lakes show in MN for one day only.
Bacon was Winners Dog.
No cross over on points (3 point major) as our judge excused the final class during Winners Bitch.
Thank You Edd Bivin for upholding our standard, something ALL Breeders (myself included) & judges should be doing!
We should be breeding and showing our BEST dogs, they represent our breed in the present and in future breedings!

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