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Temora News Today

Preliminary Year End Stats are in:

Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) finished out the year#23 Breed (points garnered from defeating just other aussies)
Tata was #12 All-Breed (points garnered from defeating other aussies in the breed ring and group placement points from other terriers in general)
She was shown only from August until October, so all things considered, she did really really well!!

Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) also made the All-Breed list.
Mac finished #19 in All-Breed.
ALL his points were given when he was a class dog.
I have not shown him since he has finished his Championship. His first group placement was given at the age of 10 months.

Very proud of all my dogs this year

Some Highlights:
- Libby (CH/UKC ALT CH Temora Maid in America) won BIS in the UKC altered division with her new owner to get her UKC title
- Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was BOS at the National Specialty show in Rapid City SD, gaining her Grand Champion title in the process
- Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) was Winners Dog at the National Specialty Show in Rapid City SD, he finished his AKC Championship the following day
- Viki (Temora Maid of Islay) was Winners Bitch/Best of Winners at the National Specialty Show in Rapid City SD
- Reserve Winners Dog AND the Best of Breed Dog at the National Specialty both had dam's from the Temora Kennels
- Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa) owned by Carol Arnold was Reserve Winners Bitch at the National Specialty Show in Rapid City SD
- Paris (CH Temora's The Simple Life) went to Sheila Stoddart of the Millvalley Aussies in Scotland to compete,
she is due to have a litter in January by Sheila
- Teddi (CH Temora's Theodora Rose) finished her AKC Championship! Congrats to Leslie Fischer who has worked really hard to get her finished!
- Both Libby and Siren (CH Truozzys Black Delilah) were retired and Libby is training for agility and other performance events as well as dabbling in UKC events with her new owner.
Siren went to a home in New Mexico where she is chasing lizards and traveling with her new owners
- Rufus (UK/AM CH Millvalley Red Rufus) went home to his mom - Sheila and is back competing in the UK.
Rufus is the FIRST UK/AM Champion of record, little guy made history!!
The offspring he left behind in the USA have been, for me, an enhancement to my breeding program
- Tilda (Temora Waltzing Matilda Laroo) is competing in agility with her young owner and is doing really well!


Those are the highlights, it has been a good year for Temora Australian Terriers and here is to the upcoming year and to having fun!!

Thank You to Friends and Fellow Breeders for a Wonderful & exciting Year!
From winning Winners Dog, Winners Bitch & Best of Opposite at the National Specialty show in October with my dogs
to meeting all the new puppy & dog owners of my placed puppies/dogs, I have truly enriched my life this year
I look forward to next year.....
Thank You all for your Love & Support
- Temora Australian Terriers -


Maggi arrived yesterday from Scotland! She weathered the trip extremely well and Bull, who was with me when I picked her up was instantly in love!
Maggi will be bred to Bull when she comes into season next.
Maggi has decided she likes the snow, but not the cold. She can not quite figure out why Desi is so obnoxious and she has also decided that although she likes popcorn, she thinks the Yankee dogs are quite weird when they go nuts when mom is eating it. She decided that if she sits like a proper lady, she will get just as much as they do, no need to be a heathen about it!
My goal before she is sent home again down the line is to teach Maggi to be a 'Proper Yankee' :):)

12-09-2010 - 12-10-2010
Allison and Tilda (Temora Waltzing Matilda Laroo) were once again was competing in agility, here are their results:

We were at an agility trial today and yesterday. Today Tilda Q'd in both JWW and Standard and got first in both. So she now has her Novice Standard Title and her Novice JWW title!

Yesterday's runs were really good, but in JWW she knocked a bar and in Standard she knocked a bar again and took a wrong jump. The wrong jump might have been my fault though. Otherwise, the runs were great.

Congratulations Allison & Tilda!!!

Paul Eardley who writes for Dog World UK has a nice write up of our National Specialty this week. I am showing a portion of it as it relates to the National Specialty Show and my kennel:

THERE will be a bit of a US flavour to the notes this week.
Bringing us a bit more up to date the US National Specialty was held in South Dakota alongside the Rapid City Kennel Club Inc and specialty judge Michele Billings had drawn a super entry of 75.
Julie Seaton of the Temora’s kennel (who of course has been exchanging stock with Millvalley over the last 18 months or so) had a super day. Her homebred T Ri Diercc was winners dog and his kennelmate, T Maid Of Islay, was best of winners. If you detect a certain Scottish ring to those names there is a very simple explanation as both are by Ch/Am Ch Millvalley Red Rufus when he was in the US being campaigned by Julie. Ri Diercc is about 14 months old ex one of Julie’s Finnish imports, Ch Truozzy’s Black Delilah, and Maid Of Islay is ex Ch T Maid In America. It is interesting to see that Rufus outcrossed so well with those overseas lines.

Not satisfied with the winners double I see that reserve winners dog was Susan Bentley’s Benayr Beau Geste whose mother is Temora Taint She Sweet and reserve winners bitch was Carol Arnold’s T I Should Cocoa who is by another Finnish import, Ch Melukylan Prop-A-Ganda ex T Maid In America.

BOB was Ch Kambara’s Zebulon, owner-bred by Anne and Craig Mitchell by Ch Akiba’s Sixty Minute Man ex Ch Temora’s Flight to K, and BOS Julie Seaton’s Ch Taint She Sweet, homebred by Ch T Bully For You ex Ch Benayr All About me. I don’t think I have ever seen one kennel do quite so well at the US specialty, certainly not in the last 20 years or so in these sorts of entries, so congratulations.


News From the Homefront!
Miley out of GCH CH Bluemoon Call Me Irresistible X CH Temora Where The Magic Begins (she has no kennel name yet) owned by Jeanne Popovits was in her first puppy B-match today and won the Aussie portion, then went into the Group ring with about 15 other terriers and won a Group 4!
It was her first show and she was the youngest terrier puppy in the group
Congratulations to Jean & Miley!!



News From the Homefront!
Tilda (Temora Waltzing Matilda Laroo) owned by Allison Fiste once again was competing in agility
Here are the results as reported by Allison:
Tilda got a Q in Novice Jumps With Weaves today at an agility trial! Along with the Q she got second place and a total of 90 points!
A HUGE congrats to Allison & Tilda!!

News from Across the Pond!!
Sheila Stoddart and Rachel Leeson are at the Midland Counties Show today
Rufus (UK/AM CH Millvalley Red Rufus) won Best of Breed
and Paris (CH Temora's The Simple Life) won Reserve Winners Bitch
Congratulations to Sheila, Rachel and the Gang!!!

This is a photo of Taz.
Taz was my very first rescue aussie 9 years ago and he is currently the oldest rescue aussie
He was adopted by Mark and Gwen of CO and as of 2010, he is 15 years old
I was lucky enough to see him again when I went out to South Dakota and took some photos of him.
He is one beautiful boy.


10-22-2010 to 10-25-2010
Our National Specialty was in South Dakota this year. It was WONDERFUL.

Friday 10-22-2010
Best of Opposite in Sweeps: Mac (Temora Ri Diercc); Judge was Mary Mead

Our Judge this year for our Specialty was Michelle Billings and here are the results:
Winners Dog: Mac (Temora Ri Diercc) for a 5 point major
Reserve Winners Dog: Benayr Beau Geste (Dam is CH Temora Taint She Sweet)
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) won the Puppy 9-12 month class
Winners Bitch: Viki (Temora Maid of Islay) for a 5 point major
Reserve Winners Bitch: Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa) owned by Carol Arnold
Best of Opposite: Tata (CH Temora Taint She Sweet)
Best of Breed: GCH CH Kambara's Zebulon (Dam is CH Temora Flight to Kambara)
Zeb also won the Group on Friday

Going BOS with Tata finished her Grand Championship so she is now: GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet

It was an unbelievable day and quite unexpected. During photos Judge Michelle Billings said she liked the direction I was going in with my breeding program. She did not realize the connections Temora Kennels had to all the dogs she had picked besides the obvious. During the Banquet, I was told that everyone had chipped in for a plane ticket to send me home:):)

Saturday 10-23-2010
Judge was Pat Hastings
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) won the Puppy 9-12 month class
Winners Dog: Mac (Temora Ri Diercc) for a 5 point major
In Mac winning today, he finished his AKC Championship (from the Bred-By class), he is now:
CH Temora Ri Diercc

Zeb (GCH CH Kambara's Zebulon) also went Best in Show on Saturday!


Sunday 10-24-2010
Judge was Ed Haas
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) won the Puppy 9-12 month class
Viki (Temora Maid of Islay) was 2nd in the Bred-By class
Tata (CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was Select Bitch

Monday 10-25-2010
Judge was Jon Cole
Viki (Temora Maid of Islay) was Reserve Winners Bitch
Tata (CH Temora Taint She Sweet) made the final cut, but did nothing after that

Gillian Bartlett from Australia was with us all weekend and I hope she enjoyed her trip. It is a bit intense when competing at the level we were. She jumped right in and helped me with the dogs. She was a wonderful companion and I could not have shown all the dogs without her help,
Thank You Gillian!!

Off To The Australian Terrier National Specialty!
We are are the road today to our National Specialty in Rapid City South Dakota
Coming with is Gillian from Australia who flew in on Sunday, it has been wonderful having her here and we have had a good time so far.
Going to the National is: Mac, Desi, Viki and Tata and one puppy that will be picked up by her new owner there
I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!
Will post results (if any) when I return. We have 72 Australian Terriers entered, it will be a nice show

News From The Homefront!!
Tilda (Temora Waltzing Matilda Laroo) owned by Allison Fiste got a double Q today at an agility trial! She got first with 100 points in both JWW and Standard!
On Oct. 2nd Tilda got her first Q in standard. She also got first with 90 points! She now has two Qs in standard and one Q in JWW. This was only her third trial. We also had done a fun match in September, so that gave her a little more practice.
Congratulations Allison & Tilda!!
Allison is a teenager from WI that has been diligently working with Tilda in agility, you can see her blog spot on the 'Show Dogs' page under Tildas information

News From the Homefront
We are at the Stone City KC show today in Morris IL
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) was WB for a point
Tata (CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was BOB and took a Group 2
Thank You Judge Meredith Kipp!

GCH CH Kambara's Zebulon (Zeb) who's dam (CH Temora Flight To Kambara) comes from the Temora Kennels just won a BEST IN SHOW in Florida!!!
This is the first Australian Terrier since the year 2000 to do this
Congratulations to Craig & Anne Mitchell - owners and Kelli Dahlberg who handled him to the winners circle!!!


News From The Homefront!
Teddi (Temora's Theodora Rose) got her final major today, she is now:
CH Temora's Theodora Rose
Congratulations to her Owner Leslie Fischer!!
Izzy (Temora's Isa Belle of the Ball) won Best Puppy and then went on to take a Puppy Group 1!
Logan, Kathy Huebings grand-daughter was showing her and did a WONDERFUL job. She did not take Best Puppy In Show, but she sure looked like she could have!

News From the Homefront!
Mikey (Temora's P's New Guy in Town) was at the South Shore KC in Falmouth MA today.
He is owned by Gerard Schultz
Mikey was BOB and Best Puppy and took a BP4 in the Puppy Group!
Congratulations Gerard & Mikey!!
On Sunday, I met Deb Auer from Springfield IL at the Happy Trails K9 agility center and dropped off Sydney whom I have had for a week. He is going to his new home and she was helping us out by transporting him.
Wonderful little guy and he is going to make his new owner very happy with his perky little personality!

09-11-2010 to 09-12-2010
News From the Homefront and Beyond!
Tata (CH Temora Taint She Sweet) went BOB at the Kenosha CK in Wilmot WI
I heard from Rachel that Rufus (UK/AM Millvalley Red Rufus) went Best in Show at The Terrier Open Show.
This win qualifies him for the National Terriers Terrier of the Year!
Congrats to Sheila and Rachel and Rufus
I guess he had to show his son Mac, a thing or two. Told Mac about his dads big feat, he was not impressed, but Viki and Desi danced around a bit, but they may have just been begging for the treats in my hand :)
Tata (CH Temora Taint She Sweet) won the Select Award (points towards her Grand Championship)
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) was Reserve Winners Bitch

News From the Homefront & Finland!
In Finland:
Tara (Temora's Made in USA) was at the Tampere Group Show, judge was Juha Putkonen from Finland.
Tara won the Open Class and then she was BB3, (which gave her the CC), the bitch that won was Yankee's (CH Temora's American Express) daughter - Lulu
This is Tara's 3rd time showing!
Congratulations Anne & Minna!!
In Maryland:
Libby (CH Temora's Maid in America) has finished her UKC Champtionship by going Best of Breed & BEST IN SHOW in the altered division on Sunday
So she is now: AM CH/UKC ALCH Temora's Maid in America
A HUGE congratulations to her owner - Leslie Hoy for accomplishing this feat!

News From the Homefront!
Today we went to St Charles IL for one day at the Elgin shows
Judith Daniels from CA was our judge and she gave
Tata (CH Temora Taint She Sweet) BOB and a Group 3!
She commented during the photo that when she saw Tata step into the ring, she knew she had to use her.
I reminded Judge Daniels that in 2006, she judge terriers at the Wisconsin KC and with me handling, she gave Bull (CH Temora Bully For You) BOB and a Group 1 that day
I let her know that Bull was Tata's sire and it was a privilege to have her give his daughter a group placement today.
Thank You Judge Judith Daniels!

8-13-2010 to 8-16-2010
News From the Homefront!
We are at the Racine/Cudahy shows this weekend
Tata (CH Temora Taint She Sweet) won BOB
Teddi (Temora's Theodora Rose) won WB
Tata (CH Temora Taint She Sweet) won BOB & a Group 4!
Teddi (Temora's Theodora Rose) won WB
Tata (CH Temora Taint She Sweet) won BOB
Teddi (Temora's Theodora Rose) won WB for a 3 point major!!
Teddi just needs one more major to finish her Championship!
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) won RWB
Tata (CH Temora Taint She Sweet) won BOB & a Group 4

8-06-2010 - 8-7-2010
News From the Homefront and Across the Pond!!
We were in Marshall Michigan on Friday and Saturday for the Michiana & Sturgis Shows.
Mac (Temora Ri Diercc) won BOB and a Group 4 both days!
HUGE Thank you to Judges Sally Ray Baugniet & Judith Franklin!
Judge Judith Franklin had this to say about Mac:
He catches your eye as soon as he walks in the ring, nice profile, good bone, good shoulder placement and very very nice expression.
Across the pond in Scotland Paris (CH Temora's The Simple Life) won BOB and a Group 2 at the Falkirk Open Show under Judge Lorna Brown.
HUGE Congratulatons to Sheila & Paris (& Rachel for helping make it fun)!!

News From The Homefront!
Been a busy busy weekend. We were at the Waukesha KC shows this weekend (at least we were for one day), did not make it for day 2 as Mikki decided to have her puppies on Sunday
Mikki had 5 puppies, 3 girls and 2 boys, all healthy and mom and babies are doing good.
For the Saturday show, it was just puppies being shown all around, no Specials and no adults
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) won WB and BOS for her first point
Syn (Armirelli About Sin) won RWB
In Greenville NC, Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa!) won her first points as well! I am very proud of her and her owners who are new to Dog Showing, but are having a wonderful time with it!
Monday and Tuesday we are in Elkhorn for the shows there

Burlington KC - 1
Viki (Temora Maid of Islay) won WB and BOB for the 3 point major
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) won RWB
This was Izzy's (Temora Isa Bella of the Ball) first show and she bounced around with Danielle like a rubber ball. At least she was happy!!
Syn (Armirelli About Sin) looked wonderful and a HUGE Thank You to Kathy Huebings Grandaughter - Logan for showing her. The two of them looked great together.

Burlington KC - 2
Viki (Temora's Grand Design) won WB and BOB for another 3 point major
Syn (Armirelli About Sin) won RWB
Syn decided she would only work for a squeaky toy at this show!


Tata (CH Temora Taint She Sweet) is home after staying with fellow Breeder Susan Bentley. She will be out here and there as a Special for a while representing my kennel.
I will have her information up on the girls page soon!
Mikki is due to have puppies any day now. She is showing signs, but not quite there yet. I will be glad to get her out of my bed. She likes to lay on my pillow and snore in my ear and lately due to the puppies, she wants to get both me and my husband up at 5:00am so she can go outside!

News From Abroad!
Sheila & Paris were at the Newton Aycliffe & District and the Judge was Mr. Keith Derry
Paris won the Terrier Group under stiff competition and held her own for BIS against some top dogs!
Congratulations Sheila & Paris!!

News From Craig & Anne Mitchell:
At the Jupiter- Tequesta, FL show today Hart (CH Temora's Flight to Kambara RE) finished her CD and placed 1st, AND Lil (Hart's daughter) got her 2nd leg of Rally Advanced, placing 1st.
And then in Conformation, Zeb (Hart's son) took Group 3
Congratulations to Craig, Anne & Mary and of course, Hart, Lil and Zeb for what sounds like a Wonderful Weekend!


News From the Homefront!
We were at the Kettle Moraine Show today
Viki (Temora Maid of Islay) decided to act like a puppy and did not do much
Syn (Armirelli About Sin) showed her heart out like she always does and won RWB
Mac (Temora Ri Diercc), from the Bred-By Class won BOB, which, due to the amount of class dogs entered and since he beat the Special gave him his first major AND He then went on to get a Group 3 in the Terrier Group
Not bad for a 10 month old Puppy!


News From The Homefront & Abroad!
Paris (CH Temora's The Simple Life) was in the Blackpool show today
She won RCC (Reserve Challenge Certificate)
Congrats to Sheila & Paris!
On the Homefront:
Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa!) won RWB at the Virginia Terrier Club Show.
This is only her third show, so she is doing extremely well!
Congrats to Carol and Cocoa!

​06-18-2010 to 6-19-2010
News From the Homefront!
We are at the Grayslake IL shows this weekend
Friday - Little Fort Kennel Club
Teddi (Temora's Theodora Rose) won WB/BW/BOS
Syn (Armirelli About Sin) won RWB and BEST PUPPY!
This was totally awesome as she has a tail, and yes, she did have competition!
Zeb (CH Kambara's Zebulon) handled expertly by Kellie Dahlberg won BOB.
Zeb is a Kizzi grandson
Could not stay for Groups today, but will be there all day tomorrow
Viki (Temora's Maid of Islay) was WB & BOS for her first point!
Teddi (Temora's Theodora Rose) was RWB
Mac (Temora Ri Diercc) was WD & BW and Best Bred-By
Zeb (CH Kambara's Zebulon) was once again BOB
Another good and fun day at the dog show! Had fun meeting up with everyone and very proud of the whole Temora Gang!
In South Carolina, Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa!) who is a Libby daughter from her first litter and out of the Ryba Kennels Finnish import was at her first show today with her owner - Carol.
They won their class, did nothing from there, but for her first show, she did great!


Paris's critique from her first show in the UK has been published, here is what Judge Richard Wright had to say: Stoddart’s Am Ch Temora’s The Simple Life, first class make & shape with lovely balance. Up to size but with such symmetry & overall quality could not be denied. Coat, though of good texture, could improve to effect. Moved & showed well, out moving much of the opposition, should go on from here. CC

Also heard that Mikey (Temora's P's New Guy In Town), owned by Gerard Walsh had him in a B-Match over Memorial Day Weekend with other aussie puppies like himself and he won BOB and a Puppy Group 4!
Congrats Jerry & Mikey!!

5-28-2010 to 5-30-2010
News From The Homefront!
We went to Kalamazoo MI this weekend to attend the shows there.
It was fun and a HUGE thanks to Kassie for helping me show Syn, even though she was not paying attention on Sunday and Syn was causing Mac to misbehave as she flirted with him while he was in the ring!
Syn is in season and is being quite naughty!
Met up with Steve & Diane who have a dog from me. She is from Kizzi, my foundation bitch and she looks just like her dam! She is a certified therapy dog and goes into nursing homes to visit!
Thank You Steve and Diane for sharing your afternoon with me! Send me the photos!!!
Big thanks to Bobbie Green for giving them grooming tips on Saturday when I was not available!
Mac (Temora Ri Diercc) won WD & BOB and BBE Group 4
Syn (Armirelli About Sin) won WB & BOS
Mac (Temora Ri Diercc) won WD and BOS
Syn (Armirelli About Sin) won RWB
Mac (Temora Ri Diercc) won WD & BOB
Syn (Armirelli About Sin) won RWB

News From the Homefront!
Mac (Temora Ri Diercc) was at the Oshkosh KC show today
He won WD & BOW for 2 points
Had a chance to speak to the judge - Pat Trotter a bit after the show and I thanked her for the BOB win she gave Paris at Montgomery in 2008. She stated she really liked Mac and hoped to see him in the future.
Across the pond, Paris (CH Temora's The Simple Life) was in the Scottish Kennel Club show and won the RBCC (reserve bitch challenge certificate).

News From the Homefront!
Libby (CH Temora's Maid in America) was at her second UKC show this weekend. At both shows she won BOB!
Congratulations Leslie & Libby!

News From the Homefront!
Mac (Temora Ri Diercc) won RWD today & Best Bred-by
and Syn (Armirelli About Sin) won WB & BOS at todays show
The BIG news is that Gerard Walsh of the Pineterri kennels who has Mikey (Temora's P's New Guy In Town), had him in first show this weekend. Bucks County is one of two Specialty shows for The Raritan Valley Australian Terrier Club and Mikey won RWD!
Not bad for a young puppy at his very first show!
Congratulations Jerry & Mikey!!

News From Everywhere!!
It is starting out to be a VERY busy weekend!
First, as I was driving to my show in Jefferson WI, I got a call from Rachel in the UK.
Paris (CH Temora's The Simple Life) had her first major show today and won the CC (challenge certificate) in the bitches!
You need 3 CC's in the UK to become a Champion. She just got her first one today!
Congratulations Sheila & Paris!
Mac (Temora's Ri Diercc) won BOB & WD at the Badger Kennel Club show
Syn (Armirelli About Sin) won WB & BOS & Best Puppy
There were no other entries but my dogs, but it was more for practice than anything else. Mac is such an impressive dog, you forget sometimes he is only 9 months old and Syn is also just a baby :)
Great day for everyone no matter how you look at it!!

News From the Homefront!
Libby (CH Temora's Maid in America), with her new owner Leslie, went to her first UKC show this weekend.
She is spayed, so she was shown in the 'Altered' division
On Saturday, she won'Best Altered' for her Breed and 'Best Altered' in the terrier group in both shows
In Best Altered in Show in show #2, she got reserve!
Congratulations Libby & Leslie!

News From Abroad!
Paris (CH Temora's The Simple Life)was in her first show in Scotland and here are her results:
Paris did not like the venue so was a bit spooked until she moved..not helped by having Rotties and Dobes pounding round the adjoining ring..but she won AVNSC Terrier She went into the Group and got Gp.2!! - Sheila Stoddart - Congratulations Sheila!


The New Australian Terrier Rescue site is now up and functioning!
I had fun working on it and I hope everyone likes the new layout.
It was a labor of love as they say, and ALL the ATCA members of Rescue that helped with stories and photos have helped make it a very special site.
Go to the rescue page and take a look at it and let me know what you think!

News From The Homefront!
Mac (Temora's Ri Diercc) Sini (Temora Tru Blu Ozzy) and Syn (Armirelli's About Sin) were at the Dekalb KC show on Saturday
Mac won WD, BOW, BOB
Syn won WB, BOS
Sini won RWB
Judge had given Bull (CH Temora Bully For You) numerous Group 1 placements in 2006 which helped make him the #1 All-Breed Aussie in 2006, so when I told him that Syn was a great granddaughter of Bully, he was very happy that he had awarded her the point.
Syn showed with a tail too and was very much the comedian in the ring from all the laughter outside of it when she decided to eat her lead half way around the ring the first time and then decided she had enough of the whole thing the second time and sat down and refused to move!
Thanks Chris for helping me with this fireball! :)

Libby (CH Temora Maid in America) was with me as well and I handed her over, after many many tears to her new owner - Leslie Hoy. I will miss my 'Libmeister' as we have called her, but after meeting Leslie and all her wonderful Westie friends who were there to show, I KNOW she is where she belongs.
Thank You Leslie, I have made a wonderful new friend!

Paris has arrived safely in the UK and is with Sheila and is no worse for wear. I worried about her the entire trip, part of the rules of the Parent Policy Handbook given to everyone when they have kids or get a dog. I keep telling my kids about the book that is given to all new parents when their kids are born, it talks about how Parents, per the handbook are to: worry, fuss, panic, get frantic, fret etc etc over everything they do. They keep asking to see this book, I keep telling them that it is only for parents, not for kids. The book applies to dogs as well! I will admit I probably go overboard, but heck, all part of being a parent/dog owner!

Paris has left today to go spend a year with Sheila Stoddart and the Millvalley dogs. She will compete to get titled in the UK and I hope to go to England next year for Crufts and see her there.
I will miss her dearly, but she will be back in 2011!!
Watch for news of her as I get information from Sheila.
I am sure Rufus will show her the ropes and take her sightseeing the many castles and have her try the local ale. I have a feeling she will be picking up a 'Scottish' accent while there and come back quite spoiled!


There is a website called:
They make sweatshirts, tee-shirts and such with dog prints on them.
If you look at the Australian Terrier print, you may recognize him!
It is my 'Abe', Bo did a wonderful job with the photo I gave her.
I have various shirts and sweatshirts from her, all with my 'Abe'!
Thanks Bo!!


Got this photo of the dogs racing across the lawn
From left to right: Syn, Libby, Bull(in the back) & Paris leading the pack


Crufts, which is the largest dog show on the earth started yesterday, March 11th and runs through Sunday, March 14th.
Australian Terriers were judged today and once again, Truozzy's Hand in Hand (Missy) who is a Great-Grand daughter of Bully and is also Syn's dam took a placement at this prestigious show. (She did as well last year)
Missy was awarded the Bitch Challenge Certificate and was Best of Opposite.
Congratulations to Anne Moilanen, Missys Breeder and to Ann-Li Sild, Missys owner for this Wonderful win against heavy competition!

While at the dog show on Sunday, Phil Cianciola, radio talk show host and friend was there as well interviewing different Breeders and taking photos.
You can hear his show online at: ThePhilCast go to the Philcast show icon and look for the March 7th show and you can see his utube photos of the show by clicking on the photo icon. Great Show Phil!

Teddy, the Welsh Springer Spaniel we were fostering has found a home!
Thank You for everyone that inquired about him, he is off to his new 'Forever' home and we wish him and his new owner - Diane, a Happy & Beautiful life together....

News From the Homefront!
Mac (Temora's Ri Diercc) and Sini (Temora Tru Blu Ozzy) went to their first show today.
Mac won WD/BW/BOB
Sini won WB/BOS
Both showed really well and a HUGE Thank You to our Judge - Robert Hutton who commented to me that 'This dog (Mac) is going to be something when he grows up'.
After the photos, he said again 'This is a really nice dog'

We have been fostering a Welsh Springer Spaniel named Teddy that needs a home. He is a 4 year old neutered male, would do best in a home with a retired person/couple with no 'young' kids. He is a really cool dog and a very personable one, but he does have a few quirks to him that he would not be the best pet with someone with young kids, but would be ok with older kids. Email me if you would like more details. His adoption fee will be turned over to the Welsh Springer Spaniel Rescue. He adores Paris's puppies and watches over them everytime they are roaming around the kitchen. You can see his head in quite a few of the puppy photos as he checks out each one.


CH Kambara's Bella Machina who is a puppy out of CH Temora's Flight to Kambara just won BEST OF BREED at the Westminster Kennel Club!
Congratulations to owner Mary Hall and to Breeders Craig and Anne Mitchell!!!

2-11-2010 to 2-15-2010
Trip to Finland and Estonia!
I went to Finland and Estonia to pick up Syn, she is my Bully's (CH Temora Bully For You)
Great Grandaughter.
It was an easy trip and my friend Erja picked me up at the Helsinki airport on Friday and we went back to her home where a much needed nap was taken!
Kari, Erja and I left for Estonia on Friday evening. We took the ferry and it was fun in the bar where we had drinks and listened to music and ate at the buffet. I purchased the famous Karl Frazer Finnish Chocolate for my kids (Danielle loves the stuff!) and once we got to Estonia, we took a cab to the hotel. We all went right to bed as it was about 12:00am at that point and we had to get up early for the dog show.
In the morning, we met down at the breakfast area and I met up with Anne, Anna and Mari. It was an emotional reunion as Anne and I have been friends now for some time. I gave her Sirens AKC Championship certificate which started her crying. She did much of that over the weekend. I told her to take a roll of toilet paper from the hotel room so she would not use Anna's as she had a cold and needed her toilet paper! :):)
We went to the show and I met Syn and her Breeder Anne-Lii (way to many Ann's!). She was a very happy puppy, very well socialized and confident in herself, a great testament to Anne-Lii's care of her!
Syn was entered in the show that day as a puppy (it was a Terrier Specialty show) we were the only Aussie puppy entered and she went into the Puppy Group and she won a Best Puppy-3! She showed very well and considering she had no idea who I was, she did wonderful with me! Anne-Lii brought Missy, Syns dam over, she is a beautiful daughter of my Yankee (Temora's American Express). Very feminine and balanced. She will be going to Crufts this year to be shown.
After the show we went back to the hotel and had dinner and then went to the Piano bar for drinks. It was nice and relaxing and it was a good time among friends.
The next day we were out for a bit of shopping and back to the dog show. I purchased a few things and at the show, got a new collar and leash for Syn and a few toys for her as well.
We watched the show and afterwards we headed back to the ferry to get the ride back to Finland. I used the last of my Estonia crowns to purchase more chocolate for my kids and we were entertained by Syn as she played with other dogs on the ship and all the kids that came by and to say hello. She was very popular!
I stayed in a hotel Sunday night as I left so early in the morning.
It was a short trip as usual, but much fun and a HUGE Thank you to Erja, Kari, Anne, Anna, Anne-Lii and Mari for a wonderful trip!
Thank you to Anne-Lii for entrusting me with Syn, she has already bonded with all the dogs here and she and Mac have become very good buddies.


Rufus is on his way home!
While Rufus was here, he gained his American AKC Championship, which made him the FIRST EVER
UK/AM CH Australian Terrier. He started by getting a 5 point major the weekend of our National Specialty in May and finished his Championship with a 3 point major at the Prestigious Montgomery Cluster shows in October.
Rufus sired 4 litters while here, totaling 28 puppies
Of those 28 puppies, some will be shown this year and probably next and I am sure we will all be hearing great things about them as he has passed on some beautiful traits to his offspring. All in all, he has definitely enhanced my breeding program and I am sure the Millvalley-Temora relationship will continue to produce great puppies worthy of both our kennel names.
A HUGE Thank you to his Breeder - Sheila Stoddart-Millvalley Australian Terriers for loaning him to me for the year, we have become good friends and again, this is just the beginning of a great partnership.

News from Abroad!
Truozzys Handyman (San Pedro), who is a son of Temora's American Express (Yankee) won BOB at the Keuruu Group Show today!
Congrats to Breeder Anne Moilanen!!


Paris had her puppies today, 6 boys and 2 girls, Thanks Rufus for all the boys!
4 of the boys are red, the rest of the puppies, including the girls are blue/tan
One red boy was not breathing and had to give him CPR, after about 20 minutes, he came around and is now nursing. Kinda worried about him for a while, but he is holding his own.
Can't miss him, he has a HUGE splash of white on his chest
Yes, we DO give CPR to puppies!
Traumatic morning, but as of this afternoon, mom and babies are doing well


This coming weekend we will be getting in a Welsh Springer Spaniel Rescue. We have had a Welshie before in the past (see the 'about us/Jim & Hunting dogs page'), and during a meeting at the Waukesha Kennel Club, the President made a comment that she needed a Foster home for a 4 year old neutered male. So I volunteered as my Aussie Rescues are all placed at the moment so we have room. Jim is all excited that I am taking in something else other than an aussie!:) He does not mind the aussies, and actually likes helping, but he loves Welsh Springer Spaniels and still misses Ike to this day.


Paris is due to have her puppies on or around January 22nd. She is very big and already uncomfortable. She keeps crawling under the bed. She is going to get to the point where she can not get under there, but right now she is ok.
Here is to the New Year and hopeful success in the ring with the next generation of Temora puppies!


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