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Temora News Today

12-14-2011 to 12-18-2011
The Eukanuba AKC Invitational Shows started this week into the weekend. Terriers for the AKC Invitational was on Sunday.
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc), Tata (GCH Temora Taint She Sweet), Mikki (CH Temora Where The Magic Begins), Viki (Temora Maid of Islay), and Bull (CH Temora Bully For You) ALL qualify for the show.
Mac and Tata are the ones going to represent the Temora Gang.

Best of Breed: Tata, (GCH Temora Taint She Sweet)
A Puppy went Best of Breed over all the Specials in the ring! It was very very cool and even though I had a dog entered as a Special (Mac), this is a puppy that when I saw him at the age of 7 weeks old, he was my pick of the litter!
Congrats to the Breeder and Owner of him as he is really really nice! What an accomplishment!
Best of Opposite: Tata, (GCH Temora Taint She Sweet)
Select Dog: Mac, (CH Temora Ri Diercc)
(AKC Invitational)
Best of Opposite: Tata, (GCH Temora Taint She Sweet)

What a Wonderful weekend!! Most of the Breeders that are members of the Australian Terrier Club of America and were there, worked the breed booth, myself included. I was also working the TAKE THE LEAD booth all weekend long. GREAT organization and GREAT people to work with.
Check them out: TAKETHELEAD.ORG.

It has been a Wonderful Year and Thank You to new friends and old friends for another successful year!


Good Article!!

11-26-2011 & 12-2-2011
News from the Homefront and Beyond........
On 11-26-11, Anne Lii had Mirelli (Temora`s Adventure in Reval) in the National Show in Narva, she was BEST PUPPY!!
Congrats to Anne-Lii & Mirelli!!

Leslie had this to say about her evening:
On Friday night, December 2, Libby (Temora's Maid in America) earned her UKC rally level 2 title at Dandy Dog in Newville, PA under judge Pat Fallon. We can now add URO2 to all those letters after her name! That makes 4 rally titles in 3 venues (AKC, APDT, and UKC) in 2011. We're looking forward to continuing our progress and earning combined titles in 2012.
She is now: AKC Ch / UKC ALCH Temora's Maid in America, RN, RL1, URO1, URO2
We are going to run out of room soon with all these titles!!
Congrats to Leslie & Libby!!

The Australian Terrier Club of America's National Specialty 2012, will be held at Purina Farms in Gray Summit MO

Click on photo for more information!
If you are coming and need a room reservation, make it soon as rooms are filling up fast!!

EVERYONE is welcome to come join the Fun!!

11-12-2011 to 11-13-2011
It has been pretty quiet around here lately, but heard from a few people and will post what they have sent to me.
Alison has been trialing with Tilda, (Temora Waltzing Matilda LaRoo NA NAJ) here is what she has to say:
Yesterday we were at another agility trial. Tilda had a perfect 100 point run in Excellent Standard! Got first place too! Open Jumpers with Weaves wasn't quite as good. She seemed a little slower, started the weave poles wrong, knocked two jump bars, and went by a jump, then took it the wrong way, and then the right way. It wasn't all that bad of a run though!

Also, on Oct. 15th we did a trial. We didn't qualify in Jumpers with weaves or Standard. However, both runs were really good. In JWW, she had a refusal (she went by a jump), and if that was it we would have qualified. But, I got confused and forgot to do a front cross. So, she took a wrong jump. In STD, it was our first Excellent run, and it went good. We just had a bit of a problem on the table; she jumped on, but then jumped off. Maybe she had too much speed :) Anyhow, I got her right back on. Then after the last jumps, somebody decided not to listen :) She run out of the ring, she maybe came back in, not exactly sure. As I said, good runs though.

I have also heard from Anne-Lii with Mirelli (Temora Adventure in Reval)
After this big win in Finland Mirelli has been to 2 more shows in Estonia.
National Show in Rakvere judged by allrounder Dan Ericsson ( Sweden) : feminin with good head and expression, good body and coat, excellent temperament, could have better front, shoulders and tail, happy show'er. Best of Opposite Puppy, Special Prize.

International Show in Tartu judged by Sonia Pagani ( Italy): good type, nice head and expression, good body propotions, excellent coat, good movement. Best of Breed Puppy, Special Prize.

On Saturday, Mikey (Temora's P's New Guy In Town) was in a show in MA, he was Winners Dog and Best of Opposite for one point! He now just needs one more point to finish!
On Sunday, Mikey (Temora's P's New Guy In Town) won Best of Breed from the classes, this win completes his AKC Championship!
He is now:

CH Temora's P's New Guy In Town

Congratulations Jerry & Mikey!!!

Today I lost a friend and a person who started out with a dog from me and had the potential to become a Great Breeder.
Leslie Fischer died from Cancer today after a valiant fight.
She had purchased Teddi (CH Temora's Theodora Rose) from me in 2008. She started in AKC shows with her and also was taking classes and showing her in agility. Teddi did both and excelled as well. In 2010 Teddi finished her Championship.
Leslie and I would get into some pretty lively conversations over dog shows. She was an attorney and she would explain to me that as one, she could not 'reason' how a judge did this or that. I would laugh and tell her it was a dog show, there is no reasoning to be had!
She took it all in stride and learned much from it. She had one litter with Teddi in 2010 which resulted in some beautiful puppies. She originally wanted to keep one for herself, but she was diagnosed with Cancer when the puppies were only a couple weeks old. They were placed into loving homes. She never gave up hope that one day, she could do agility again with Teddi and have another litter with her.
She had planned on coming out to the National with her husband at the beginning of October, but was unable too. She always set goals, and one of them was to attend the National so she could see the dogs. She loved the dogs and the breed.
She will be dearly missed by everyone.....

10-3-2011 to 10-9-2011
News from the Homefront and Beyond!......
Well, where do I start!
First, will write an essay on WHY YOU DO NOT TAKE 9 WEEK OLD PUPPIES TO A DOG SHOW!
3 rambunctious girls who think that bags in garbage pails are fun to pull out and run with; Anything hanging MUST be a toy (almost lost a hotel lamp to that!); Beds are to pee on; when mom is trying to sleep, it MUST be time to play! The list goes on and on.......

The trip to the show was very easy and uneventful with the exception of the babies, so that was good.
Puppies went to the babysitter for the week so after Jezebel was picked up by her new owner, the other two were off to new adventurers!
Bella decided that sleeping on beds is a good think too! She really seemed to enjoy that. She was quite a hit all weekend and I had more than one person willing to take her home with them! Grandma Sheila and my roomate Leslie included!
I saw Libby for the first time since placing her with my friend Leslie when she was retired. She was in the agility all week and I got to see her run which was very very fun to say the least!
Here are the results for the week:

Rooney (Temora Secret Mens Business) was 1st in his class (only puppy entered)
Bella (Temora Blue Bella Blues) was 2nd in her class (3 puppies entered)
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) was 3rd in her class (3 entered)
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) was awarded an AOM

Friday (Raritan Regional Specialty Show)
Rooney (Temora Secret Mens Business) was 1st in his class (only puppy entered)
Bella (Temora Blue Bella Blues) was 1st in her class (5 puppies entered)
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) was 3rd in her class (4 entered)
Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa) was 1st in her class and RWB
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was Best of Opposite

Rooney (Temora Secret Mens Business) was 1st in his class (only puppy entered)
Bella (Temora Blue Bella Blues) was 1st in her class (5 puppies entered)
Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa) was 1st in her class and RWB

Rooney (Temora Secret Mens Business) was 2nd in his class (3 puppies entered)
Bella (Temora Blue Bella Blues) was 1st in her class (5 puppies entered)
Regular Show
Rooney (Temora Secret Mens Business) was 2nd in his class (2 puppies entered)
Bella (Temora Blue Bella Blues) was 3rd in her class (6 puppies entered)
Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa) was 1st in her class and RWB

Across the Pond Paris and her Brood were showing as well,
Paris (UK/AM CH Temora's The Simple Life) won her class
Her son out of Paddy went Best of Breed!
Congratulations to Sheila Stoddart, what a remarkable feet at the age of 8 months of age!!

Also, Lisa Weaver who owns Lola, did not realize it, but Lola finished her Championship!
She is now:

CH Temora's Never Enough

Congratulations to Everyone!
It was a good weekend, a GREAT show and on to next year where I will Chair that show and hopefully it will be as good as this one!
A HUGE Thank You to Sheila Stoddart and everyone that helped me on Sunday. I did something to my knee on Saturday and on Sunday I could hardly walk. Will not even go into what it was like driving home! Thank You to all that helped show my dogs for me as I could not.
If I left anyone out in results, let me know!! Brain in on overdrive at the moment! :)

News from the Homefront and Across the Pond!!
Allison and Tilda (Temora Waltzing Matilda LaRoo NA NAJ) were in an agility match today, here are their results as reported by Allision:
Today at an agility trial:
In Open Jumpers with weaves Tilda NQ'd because of two knocked jump bars. But, I am happy that she ran the course good and listened really well! She didn't take anything she wasn't supposed to. Her time was 31.34 out of 44 seconds

Now for the exciting news:
In Open Standard she Q'd with 95 points, took first (she was the only dog in Open STD 8 inch), and she got her Open Standard Title!!
Her time on this one was 56.91 out of 77 seconds.
So, it was a fun day and the weather was so nice too!

Across the Pond, Paris (UK/AM CH Temora's The Simple Life)& Sheila were also in a show and Paris won her 5th CC and was BOS. One of her puppies from her last litter was Best Puppy!
Congratulations to Sheila & Paris!!

We are off to our National Specialty on Monday! Driving to Blue Bell PA with Mac, Tata, Bella and Desi
Wish us luck!
Going to need it since I am driving by myself with 4 dogs, one who is in season too! I can listen to Mac sing all the way I guess! :):)
Can't wait to see old friends and make new ones as well!

Mac's photos from the Kenosha shows September 10-11th.


News from the Homefront!
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) was at the Manitowoc show on Sunday.
He got a Group 4 under James Ham!
He has in the last 3 weeks, been to 5 shows, and has received a group placement at each show. Very proud of my boy!
Mikey (Temora P's New Guy in Town) was also at a show on Sunday, he received another point! Two more to go and he is a finished Champion!


Libby was also competing this weekend!
Here s what Leslie had to say:

Add one more set of letters to her name! With a very nice performance and a score of 97, Libby and I earned our UKC Rally Level 1 title under judge Joan Klingler on Sunday, September 18. She is now:


AKC CH / UKC ALCH Temora's Maid in America RN RL1 URO1


Since we earned our title in the morning, I moved her up to Level 2 (off lead) in the afternoon, just to see what would happen and where we need to work. Much to my surprise and delight, she qualified, even though 2 of the exercises were ones she'd never done before! We have one more UKC trial this year and will be working hard towards finishing 2011 with our URO2!

Leslie, I am going to have to stop trying to keep up her page and her titles on the page, I am running out of room for it all! You keep going girl!




​9-10-2011 to 9-11-2011
News From the Homefront and Beyond.....
We are at the Kenosha shows in Wilmot WI this weekend,
Mac (CH Temroa Ri Diercc) was BOB and took a Group 3 under Dorothy MacDonald
Viki won today Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite, she is out of Rufus & Libby and needed one point to finish her AKC Championship
She is now:


Roya (Millvalley Touch of Class) was RWB
Thanks to my Husband who showed Roya. He was soooo good with her. She showed beautifully and now to get him to do this some more!
Miley (Temora Blue Moon Pop Star) is at the Colorado shows and today was Winners Bitch/Best of Winners for a 3 point major! She now has 4 MAJORS (the minimum requirement is 2) and needs just two single points to finish her AKC Championship!
Congratulations to her owner Jeanne Popovits!!

Sheila Stoddart texted me that Paris (UK/AM CH Temora's This Simple Life) was Best of Breed at the show she was at today!
Congratulations to Sheila and Paris!!!!

Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) won a Group 2 today!!
Miley won her 5TH MAJOR at the Colorado shows, she is now:


Congratulations Jeanne!!
What a GREAT Weekend!!

9-1-2011 - 9-2-2011
Where do I begin?!
FIRST, in Estonia, Mirelli (Temora Adventure in Reval) was in her first official show, which happened to be the Australian Terrier Specialty in Finland.
She was first in her class and then Best of Breed Puppy over 21 other Puppies!! Anne-Lii texted me while I was at my dog show and I was grinning the rest of the day. So much that the judge on Sunday remarked on it:)
SECOND in MA, Jerry with Mikey (Temora P's New Guy in Town) was at their show last weekend and this weekend and Mikey picked up another point. He now needs just 3 single points to finish his AKC Championship.
I was at the Danville KC show in Georgetown IL. Mac was the only aussie entered. Small show, many terriers did not show up same with other breeds as it was soooooo hot there on Saturday. It rained Saturday night and cooled off so Sunday was actually cold!
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) won a Group 3 on Saturday and a Group 2 on Sunday. On Saturday he was dragging but once it cooled off on Sunday, he was almost impossible to handle as he decided that it was time to play! We had fun and he showed well in-between all the jumping and other silly antics he was pulling.

Per Leslie at her most recent rally event:
The Red Dog did it again!
At the Papillonia Training Center in Felton, PA, Libby qualified in both rally trials for the 2 legs we needed for our first AKC performance title! She is now (AKC) Ch Temora's Maid in America, RN. Her second run was a really lovely, with a score of 97.
Many thanks to our teachers, Stephanie Capkovic and Sally Henry, for their patience and humor along the way!"
Libby is now: AKC CH/UKC ALCH Temora's Maid in America, RN, RL1

We have a small swimming pool in the backyard for the dogs. The puppies play in it like kids which includes splashing around and in the case of Bella, she actually tries to dive under the water.
The pool water is changed over about every other day. So today, I emptied the pool, scrubbed it down and refilled it. Well, some of the gang decided that digging a hole next to it and then jumping back into the pool was lots of fun. You will be able to see who the culprits are!!
Guess we get to clean it again tomorrow, at least they had fun!!


Mikki had 6 puppies
2 Boys
4 Girls
All blue-Tan but one red girl
Mom and babies are doing well


7-28-2011 to 7-31-2011
News From the Homefront!!
Libby (AKC CH/UKC ALCH Temora's Maid in America RL1) was competing in performance with her owner, this is what she had to say:

This weekend was our club's summer Teacup agility trial for dogs 17" and under. Libby was entered FEO (for exhibition only) but did so well in her 2 Games classes that I entered her in a third Games run for points. She was one of only two dogs of a field of about 20 that qualified! The game we played was called "Minuet," where the dog must travel multiple times over a short course without errors or dropped bars, and within a certain amount of time. She not only made time, she was perfect and took first place! So she now has her first leg in TDAA Agility Beginner level!

WOW, what a weekend!!

My Kennel Club also had their show and the GLATA also had theirs on Friday.
Busy weekend as I was Trophy Chair for Saturday & Sunday.
Also in the USA we had other Temora Aussies competing in conformation

Roya (Millvalley Touch of Class) was Reserve Winners Bitch
Viki (Temora Maid of Islay) was also showing this weekend, she needs just 3 points to finish. She did not do so good today. She is better since her scare at the vets last year, but still needs work. She did not place and she spent the entire time trying to play with Roya who was behind her, (that of course did not help!), but it was good to see that she wanted to play!
I pulled Roya to keep Viki concentrated on the task at hand! :)
Viki (Temora Maid of Islay) was Winners Bitch & Best of Opposite for one point
The fun part was the Puppy 4-6 month class
Bella (Temora Blue Bella Blues) and Derby (Temora's Photo Finish) were both entered. I had two juniors on them so I could take photos. This new class is just for fun, much like a Puppy B-Match
Both behaved well, Bella had Mackenzie Alonso handling her and Derby had Treasa Rost on her. Bella looked like a pro going around the ring, she and MacKenzie bonded with each other instantly, it was quite amazing to watch the two of them.
Derby was a bit more reserved, but she showed well
Bella won over Derby and then went on to win the Terrier Puppy Group!
The judge said she loved her body lines and attitude in the ring.
In other parts of the USA,
Gerard and Mikey were in the Providence, RI shows.
Mikey (Temora P's New Guy in Town) was WD/BW for a 3 point major
Carol and Cocoa were in the Greenville, SC shows,
Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa!) was WB/BOS for 1 point
Viki (Temora Maid of Islay) was Winners Bitch & Best of Opposite for one point (she now needs just one more point to finish her CH)
Carol & Cocoa and Lisa & Lola were in the Greenville, SC shows
Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa!) was WB/BOS for 1 point
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) was RWB

WHAT A WEEKEND!! Congrats to EVERYONE competing!

As of May 2011, I am now the Australian Terrier Club of America's Quarterly Magazine Editor.
I am having fun with it and have turned it into a 'Magazine' format, vs a 'Newsletter' format
If anyone is interested in receving the Newsletter (by email), please fill out the attached form and send it to our Treasurer.
He will inform me of your subscription.
The next issue is due to be out on/around September 1, 2011

Magazine Subscription Form

News From the Homefront!
The Red Dog Rocks!
Leslie & Libby were at another performance show on Sunday:

Libby and I continued our APDT adventure with 2 qualifying scores today, at Westminster, Maryland, under judges Sandi Ver Sprill and Traci Isabella. We now have the first 2 of the 10 we need for our next APDT title, which is RL1X.

Congratulations to both of them!!


Took some photos of the dogs on Friday, mainly Mikki who is due to have puppies at the end of the month/begining of August.
She is not that big, so hopefully she will not be having many.
After the two litters in March one week apart, I would appreciate a small litter vs a big one this time around!



7-6-2011 & 7-8-2011
News From Abroad & The Homefront!
Irene Thye from Denmark is in Paris, France for the La Cynophilie en France which is the French Championship shows (today).
She was showing not only some of her own home bred dogs, but also Ceasar (LUCH Temora Bully Boy Blue)
Ceasar won the CAC on Thursday!
Friday was the World Dog show and Ceasar was graded at 'Excellent' and took BB4 in the open class
Congratulations Irene & Ceasar!

Leslie and Libby were also competing.
Here is what Leslie had to report:
Friday, was Libby's debut in UKC rally and she did it with finesse!
Her first run was a 97 and a fourth place, and her second run a 100 and a second place!
Rally judge Robert Wolf, who also does breed, commented on what a pretty girl she is.
We look forward to earning a title in September at our club's next trial.
Congratulations Leslie & Libby!!!!


6-24-2011 to 6-26-2011
News From the Homefront!!
Libby (AKC CH/UKC ALCH Temora's Maid in America RL1) was at an agility trial on Saturday, here are her results as reported by her owner:
On Saturday at Bella Vista Training Center in Lewisberry, PA, she earned her first agility legs by placing first in both Novice Tunnelers runs at our club's summer NADAC trial. Then on Sunday, we traveled across town to Dauphin Dog Training Club in Harrisburg, PA for her AKC performance debut in rally. She had a very nice run with a score of 96 and a third place.


Jeanne Popovits and Miley (Temora Blue Moon Pop Star) were at Great Western this weekend in California and Lisa Weaver and
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) were at the Virginia shows starting with the Virginia Terrier Club Show on Friday.
Here are their results:

B-Match in California
Miley - Best of Breed
Miley - Group 3
Lola - Best Puppy
Lola - Puppy Group 3

Great Western Show - 1
Lola - Winners Bitch, Best of Winners for a 3 point major
Richmond KC - 1
Lola - Winners Bitch
Great Western Show - 2
Miley - Best in Sweeps
Miley - Winners Bitch, Best of Winners for a 3 point major
Richmond KC - 2
Lola - Reserve Winners Bitch
Congratulations to Lisa & Lola, Leslie & Libby and Jeanne & Miley!!

News From Abroad!!
I got a text on my cell phone at 6:00am this morning that Paris (UK/AM CH Temora's The Simple Life) just won another CC in the UK!!
Rufus (UK/AM CH Millvalley Red Rufus) won the CC in dogs as well, and BOB!
Waking up to that kind of news is a good way to start out the day!!

6-11-2011 - 6-12-2011
News From the Homefront!
Cocoa and her owner Carol and Lola and her owner Lisa were at the Asheville KC show this weekend in NC
Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa!) was Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite for a 3 point major
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) was Reserve Winners bitch
Congratulations Carol, you have come a long way and you and Cocoa are doing beautifully!
I spent my day with my daughter - Julie shopping for wedding dresses. She found one and she is going to be one BEAUTIFUL bride!
Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa!) was Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite (no major)
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) was Reserve Winners bitch
Danielle graduated from High School as well! Four down, one to go!


Paul Eardley from England wrote about Paris in Dog World:
Sheila Stoddart’s US imported girl, Am Ch Temora’s The Simple Life, picked up that all important third CC thus giving her her UK title.
She was bred in Wisconsin, US by Julie Seaton
I suspect that she may be the first US champion Aussie to come over here and gain a UK title.
Evelyn Swyer did import a US champion who won at least one CC but I am unsure whether he was made up.
I’ll do a bit of digging and see what I can find. Her other CCs both came at The National, from Roger Wright in 2010 and Albert Wight in’11.
In between she has also been on maternal duties.
Thank You Paul!

I have a five month old blue-tan puppy girl available to a good home.
Anyone interested, please send me an email!

Libby (AKC CH/UKC ALCH Temora's Maid in America) now has letters after her name as well as before. On Friday, she earned her very first performance title, her APDT rally obedience level 1 title with a 208 and a second place under judge Stephanie Capkovic at Bella Vista Training Center in Lewisberry, PA. So she is now:

AKC CH/UKC ALCH Temora's Maid in America RL1

Congrats to Leslie her owner and Libby!!!

06-1-2011 to 6-5-2011
I was in Gray Summit MO this weekend with Mac.
The main goal was meetings and getting a feel for the whole show set up as the Australian Terrier National Specialty is going to be held there next year with the same show cluster.
Purina Farms is quite amazing with much to do and I met many many people and had a lot of fun. Schedules were set and I am off to a good start in making sure this show is a success. I will be Chairing the show for next year, so I wanted to make sure that I could do all that I can do ahead of time.
Mac was the only dog showing Thurs-Sat. He is coming along nicely, he just needs to grow his new coat in and mature. I had many many compliments on him not only from the judges, but from handlers as well. They all said the same thing, beautiful boy, I really like him, can't wait for his coat to come in:)
Thanks to Diane Cahill who is my Hospitality Chair, she went with me to all the meetings and showed me around. Thanks Alex for showing up on Saturday, it was great seeing you again. I had a wonderful time and much was accomplished for next year!

05-27-2011 to 05-30-2011
News From The Homefront!!
Mac was up at the Kalamazoo MI shows this weekend and Lola was at the Hampton VA shows.
Mas has been with a Handler for the last couple weeks as they are helping me with his coat. I had them show him this last weekend a little bit as well. He came home last night and he looks beautiful. I have carple tunnel syndrom in my hands so it is hard sometimes for me to groom with the stripping knife. His coat is now under control, now it just needs to grow in. Once all is said and done, he is going to be one competitive boy.
Mac (CH Temora Ri Deircc) was Select Dog
Mac (CH Temora Ri Deircc) was Select Dog
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) was Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite (Hamptom VA show)
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) was Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite (Hamptom VA show)

More Bully (CH Temora Bully For You) babies on the ground!
Tally had her litter
She had five puppies, 3 boys and 2 girls

Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) has MacBabies
Miranda had her litter
She had five: 2 red boys, 1 b/t boy, 1 red girl, 1 b/t girl


News From Across the Pond!!
Paris got her 3rd Challenge Certificate today in the UK
She is now:

AM/UK CH Temora's The Simple Life

Congrats to Sheila for getting her 'made up' as they say in England!!!!!

Paris's Critique from the Birmingham Show in Scotland
1 CC, Stoddart’s Am Ch Temora’s The Simple Life, lovely type of bl/t, very feminine in outlook, lovely head properties, a really good reach of neck, ribs carry well back to a firm loin & very well angulated hindquarters. Tail correctly set & carried & she was in excellent body & coat condition. Never put a foot wrong & despite some good opposition in her sex, I felt she deserved the top award. CC, her second
- Judge Albert Wright

News From The Homefront & Leslie Hoy!
Libby (AKC CH/UKC ALCH Temora's Maid in America) made her rally obedience debut on May 20 at an APDT rally event at Bella Vista Training Center in Lewisberry, PA. In this venue, top score is 200, with a bonus at the end that is worth up to 10 points--you can get partial credit for that, for a maximum score of 210. I am so proud of her!!! Our first run was a 200 and our second run was a 207 AND a first place!!!! She was a little distracted at first, did some looking around and some sniffing, didn't quite understand why we were at Bella Vista and not doing agility. Then she settled down and worked very nicely. That little stub tail wagged most of the way through the course. Her heeling was very nice and her focus was great. Best of all, she seemed happy to be out there with me, and I can't ask for more than that. So we now have 2 of the 3 legs needed for her very first performance title.
It's hard to believe that just 1 year ago, I was "only" showing her in UKC breed and she didn't know the meaning of "Sit!"
Our next APDT trial is at Bella Vista on June 3 and I'm sure we will earn our RL1.

5-6-2011 to 5-8-2011
News From The Homefront!
We are at some local shows this weekend in Jefferson WI
I entered Mac for Fri-Sat-Sun, but due to family conflicts, I will not be showing Mac on Saturday, but have a Handler on him
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) was Best of Breed
Across the Pond and here on the Homefront -
Paris (CH Temora's The Simple Life) was at her first show post-puppies from January.
Paris won the CC and was Best of Opposite giving her another CC towards her UK Championship!
She needs just one more now to be a UK Champion!
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) is at the Raritan Regional Specialty in PA. She was Winners Bitch for a 3 point major!
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) was Select Dog at the Janesville-Beloit Show
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) was Best of Breed

Had a WONDERFUL Day with Family & Friends, Thanks Kids for being who you are, I love you ALL! - Mom

It was a GREAT Weekend!

4-29-2011 & 5-1-2011
News From The Hmefront!
Mac and I are at the Champaign KC show today and Matton KC show on Sunday all in Decatur IL
We are the only ones entered in our breed both days, but it is good practice for him and me!
Mac (CH Temora Ri Direcc) was Best of Breed and then took a Group 3!
Thank you to Judge Karen Wilson who commented that it was nice to have such quality of dog in her ring.
We did nothing in the Group, but that is ok
I got confirmation that the bitches brought to both Bull and Mac are pregnant with puppies due in May!
So we will have more Bully Babies and for the first time Mac-brats come May!!!

News From the Homefront!!
Well, there are two HUGE things that happened on Sunday.
First, my daughter Julie got engaged to the love of her life - Dustin!
We are going to have a wedding next year!!
Second, Zeb (GCH CH Kambara's Zebulon) won his 5th BEST IN SHOW today! In doing so, he broke the record for Australian Terriers and BIS placements!
A HUGE congratulations to friends and fellow Breeders Anne & Craig Mitchell who had the foresight to breed their stud dog to Heart, the bitch they got from me that resulted in this fabulous dog, and to Kellie Dahlberg who has handled him to perfection along the way.
Beautiful job Kellie!!

News From the Homefront!
Lisa Weaver and Lola were at another show this weekend in NC
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) was Winners Bitch on Saturday
Also here in Milwaukee, Allison and Tilda (Temora Waltzing Matilda LaRoo NA NAJ) was in an agility trial on Sunday
Here is what Allison had to say when she emailed me:
Tilda Q'd with 100 points and took 1st place in Open Standard. Her time was 58.35 seconds out of 69 seconds. In Open JWW, she NQ'd. Not sure what her time was, but we got two refusals. She didn't knock any jump bars today! :)
Congratulations to Lisa & Allison!!!

4-2-2011 to 4-3-2011
News From the Homefront!
Lisa Weaver and Carol Arnold were at the Concord NC shows this weekend.
Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa) was Reserve Winners Bitch
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) was Winners Bitch & Best of Opposite for a 3 point Major!
She then went on to win the Terrier Puppy Group!
Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa) was Reserve Winners Bitch to the major
Congratulations to both Lisa and Carol!

Bull has come home!!
Bull (CH Temora Bully for You) has been gone for a while for stud duties with another Breeder.
Home is just not home without Bull in it.......
Hopefully, if all goes well, we will have more Bully babies in the future. I hope that he does as well for this Breeder as he has done for me.
He is very consistent in what he produces.
So both Mac and Bull may have babies in the near future! Best of luck to both Breeders!

Roya Has Arrived!
Roya (Millvalley Touch of Class) arrived on Friday from Scotland and the Millvalley Kennel. She is the daugther of Paris (CH Temora's The Simple Life) who is with Sheila now. She has spent her time over the weekend making friends with all the other dogs here. She can not quite figure out Ellie, our GWP. But Ellie, as usual, is very patient with all the barking Roya is doing at her.


03-26-2011 to 03-27-2011
News From the Homefront!
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) is off to Iowa for some shows there. Not sure how he will do, his coat needs to be pulled down more and he is a bit crazy due to 3 bitches being in season here. My friend Chris is handling him this weekend as I have to stay home and puppy-sit
Mac won Best of Breed
Mac did not win today. I am happy with yesterday, now we pull him and let him grow coat and grow up. Mac has a lot of potential and I am very excited about his future.
Mas has been used for stud as well for the first time this last week. He handled it very well and it will be interesting to see what he produces

Roya (Millvalley Touch of Class) will arrive to the USA on Friday.
I am excited, don't think my husband is, sorry honey!!
He is a great guy and supports me and what I do, although I think he sometimes thinks I go a bit overboard! :)


Tata is starting to get restless and dig into her bedding and my couch! I figured she would have the puppies Saturday or Sunday, she may start tonight or tomorrow with how she is acting. Last night in bed she was sitting on my head all night long trying to burrow into my pillows. The Puppies inside her were kicking Tata and me all night long :)
Active little buggers, they will keep her busy when they are born as they are non-stop. No wonder why she is so uncomfortable!


3-2-2011 to 3-6-2011
News From The Homefront!!
What a BUSY week!!
I was in the Arizona shows as was Jeanne Popovits and Miley, Mac was in the Wisconsin shows, Lisa Weavers Lola was in the South Carolina shows.
Thursday in Arizona:
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) was 4th in the Bred-By Class
Miley (Temora Blue Moon Pop Star) was 2nd in the 6-9 month puppy class

Friday in Arizona:
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) was 1st in the Bred-By Class and then took Reserve to the major
Miley (Temora Blue Moon Pop Star) was 2nd in the 6-9 month puppy class

Saturday in Arizona:
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) was 2nd in the Bred-By Class and then took Reserve to the Major
Miley (Temora Blue Moon Pop Star) WON the Puppy Sweeps and was 1st in the Puppy 6-9 month old Class
In Wisconsin:
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) was Best of Breed!
In South Carolina:
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) was Reserve Winners Bitch

Sunday in Arizona:
I did not have Desi entered as I was leaving that day, but I was able to watch the Breed ring prior to leaving
Miley was 2nd in the Puppy 6-9 class
In Wisconsin:
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) was Select Dog
In South Carolina:
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) was Reserve Winners Bitch

It was a Wonderful Time and Congrats to Everyone that showed this weekend!
Now I am home and waiting for Puppies to arrive which I think will be this weekend (on Tata, Maggi has a bit to go yet)

Off to Arizona!
Desi (Temora's Grand Design) and I are off to Arizona to attend the Copperstate Australian Terrier Club Regional Specialty.
We will be showing on Thurs-Fri-Sat
Desi is in the one year old gangly stage, so hard to tell how she will do
We decided to go as it is hard to find points where you are not competing against yourself to make them.
So we are heading to shows that have good competition to see how we do.
Will report results when we get back! Wish Us Luck!

News From The Homefront!
Tilda (Temora Waltzing Matilda LaRoo NA NAJ) was in an agility trial today. Here are her results as reported by her owner - Allison
In Open Standard Tilda Q'd and took 2nd place with 95 points! Then in the Open JWW course, Tilda Q'd and took 1st place with 95 points!
So that gave us a double Q. Real good day for us.

Congratulations Allison & Tilda!!

This is Ahner (Armirelli Code of Honor) who will be coming to the USA sometime this spring
She was born on 12-26-2010
Missy is a Bully Granddaughter and of course everyone knows Rufus!
She was bred by Anne-Lii Sild of Kennel Armirelli


2-18-2011 to 2-20-2011
News From the Homefront!
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) is in her first shows this weekend. Found out on Saturday
that Carol Arnold is also there with Cocoa for Saturday and Sunday
Lola was Winners bitch (no points as she was the only class bitch entered)
Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa) owned by Carol Arnold was Winners Bitch!
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) was Reserve Winners Bitch!
Congratulations to both Carol and Lisa, sounds like you guys are having fun!!
Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa) owned by Carol Arnold was Winners Bitch & Best of Opposite
Lola (Temora's Never Enough) decided to get herself into trouble (sounds like a typical puppy) and was a bit sore from wrestling with a crate cord. No, she did not win with the cord nor in the ring today

Eye Exam News
Had some of the dogs in for Cerf eye exams today
The vet saw Desi first, she just went 'WOW', at first I was alarmed, thinking, 'Oh no, What?'. Then the vet said she wished she had a camera as Desi had the most perfect eye she had ever seen. She said it was an eye for the text books it was so perfect. What was interesting is that she said the same thing about Viki and Mac, ALL are Rufus puppies by different dams. ALL the dogs checked out normal, but she said she really liked the Rufus kids the best, their eyes were beautiful in their clarity.
I found that very interesting.

2-4-2011 to 2-6-2011
News From the Homefront!
Miley (Temora Blue Moon Pop Star) who is out of Mikki (CH Temora Where The Magic Begins) and Randy (GCH Blue Moon Call Me Irresistible)
was in her first show today at the age of 6 months.
She was Reserve Winners Bitch to the Major!!
Go Miley and Jeanne Popovits her owner!!!!
Miley (Temora Blue Moon Pop Star) won Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite (BOS win was over other Bitch Specials in the breed ring) for a 3 point major!!
This is only her 3rd show at the age of 6 months!
Congratulations Jeanne and Miley!!!
THAT is a feat to be proud of at that age!!!!
Miley (Temora Blue Moon Pop Star) won Winners Bitch today for one point!
Judge commented to Jean how much he liked Miley!
She is off to a GREAT start for such a young puppy!
Congratulations to Jeanne and Miley!!!


1-28-2011 to 1-30-2011
News From The Homefront!
We are at the Grayslake Shows this weekend
Izzy (Temora Isa Bella of the Ball) was Winners Bitch and BOB
Viki (Temora Maid of Islay) was RWB
Not quite understanding that one as Viki was the better bitch, but, oh well, good way for Izzy to go out as this is her last show prior to being spayed and put into a pet home.
Viki was a bit nervous about something, Izzy was her usual laid back self :)
Jilli (Broken Hill Sweet Pea) won Winners Bitch and BOB
Viki (Temora Maid of Islay) was RWB
Viki had a traumatic experience happen to her in November of last year. I had addressed the situation, but I do not think even I knew how much it had affected her until yesterday and confirmed today.
Viki has the conformation to win, she has proven that time and time again, but her attitude and confidence has changed and that I need to work on and rebuild from the incident last year.
Jilli however, not only had and has the attitude, her body and angulations have caught up with her as she matures and she is not even completely matured out yet and will not be until she is at least 2 years old. She can only get better as she gets older!
Even if Viki was physically and mentally 100%, it would have been interesting to see whom the judge would have picked as it would not have been an easy choice.
Jilli is turning out to be quite the competitive little girl and she deserved the win today and then some, so congratulations to both Leslie Fischer her Breeder and Carole Larsen her owner! It was a win they both deserved and the judge definitely picked the best bitch today!

Jilli (Broken Hill Sweet Pea) won Winners Bitch and BOB
Viki (Temora Maid of Islay) was RWB
Jilli looked EXCELLENT, worked on a couple things with Carole on her grooming and Viki was a bit more confident today than she was the previous two days.
I was very happy for Viki and Jilli. It was a good day for ALL of us and we had a wonderful time.
Thanks to the Hertzler family for stopping by and saying hello! Nice to see you guys again!


I can now proudly say that I am a 'Breeder of Merit' per the American Kennel Club

The Breeder of Merit Program honors breeder/exhibitors' dedication and hard work as they continue to produce dogs that are healthy, capable, and beautiful. The foundation of today's AKC, Breeders of Merit have the power to influence, guide, and teach future breeders, exhibitors, and all purebred dog owners.


I just wanted to take the time to thank all my Breeder friends.
When you are a Breeder, it is not just about breeding dogs.
Throwing two dogs together will create puppies, but breeding for the good of the breed, knowing the faults of the dogs and working on correcting those faults, breeding for health, that is what Breeding is partially about.
There is more to it than that, but those are the basics.
Through the friends I have made over the years from within the USA all the way to Europe, I have enhanced what I am doing beyond even my wildest dreams.
People that have the same ideas that I do have trusted me with their dogs as I have trusted them with mine, and in doing so, we have created something special.
There are now Temora dogs and decedents in the USA, Finland, Estonia, Scotland, Russia, Denmark, Sweden and Canada.
So Thank You friends,
Here is to many more years..............

Happy New Year!!!
We are starting off the New Year with a few shows here and there, and waiting for puppies and breedings to happen.
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) is off to be bred and Maggi (Millvalley Maggi Blue) should be coming into season soon and she will be bred to Bull (CH Temora Bully for You)
We are all waiting for Paris (CH Temora's The Simple Life) to have puppies by Sheila in Scotland. She is due around January 9th.

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