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Temora News Today

As the year draws to a close, I have much to be thankful for.
Once again I have to thank everyone that is part of my life.
Between my family, dogs, and friends, I am blessed to have so much.
This year has been a busy one, (when am I not busy!)
So thank you everyone for another Wonderful Year, here is to 2012 and to the hope that 2013 will be just as fun and filled with joy!
- Julie & all the Aussies at Temora Kennels

12-12-2012 to 12-16-2012
This week is the HUGE dog show in Florida. Over 4000 dogs entered each day!
The pre-shows start today, the AKC Invitational is Sat-Sun, with terriers showing on Sunday.
Mac (GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) is at the show with Kellie Dahlberg.
I will post results as I get them, but I leave for the show tomorrow afternoon, so the results after tomorrow will not be posted until I get back.
Wednesday, 12-12-12
Mac was Best of Breed
Thursday, 12-13-12
Stuart, a young 7 month old puppy was BOB. Beautiful young boy and when he grows up is going to be quite a fixture in the ring I am sure! His Breeder should be very very proud of him!
Friday, 12-14-12
Mac was Best of Breed
Sunday, 12-16-12 (Terrier day at Eukanuba)
Mac was Best of Breed!!


Libby and Leslie had a good day!
This is what Leslie had to say:
Please make room for a few more letters after Libby's name: TIAD. This is the Intermediate Standard title in Teacup. We had a very nice run with a first place today under judge Rosemary Evans at Dandy Dog Training Center in Carlisle, PA. We had lots of fun with our human and dog friends at this last agility trial for 2012, and also picked up 1 more leg in Superior games. Lib and I have finished out this competition year with 8 new agility and rally titles. It's been a great season and I'm looking forward to yet more ribbons on the wall in 2013!
Libby, with her accomplishments so far, is now:





News From the Homefront!
Libby (CH Temora Maid in America) and her owner Leslie had some exciting stuff happen to them on Friday!
I'm thrilled to report that on Friday, November 2, Libby and I took first place with a score of 206 )out of a possible 210) at Bella Vista's November APDT rally obedience trial under judge Joan Klingler. This was our Level 2 title, so add yet another set of initials behind her name: RL2. Ms Klingler has seen Libby progress from barely knowing what "Sit" meant to this first off-leash title and was just as happy to hand us those ribbons as we were to receive them. This is what I so love about APDT--camaraderie and fellowship, everyone cheering each other on. I'm hoping for a few more agility titles yet in 2012, so stay tuned!

Mac's (GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc) ownership has been passed over to esteemed AKC Judge Zane Smith.
He will be campaigning Mac with Kellie Dahlberg as the Handler.
I am thrilled and excited to have Zane take on Mac and I am honored and humbled by all of this.
This is a Once in a Lifetime opportunity, and I will eagerly watch to see what happens with Mac.
Thank You Zane for giving me, my breeding program and my dog, Mac, this chance of a lifetime!

I was searching through the AKC website when I found this page and to my surprise, the Waukesha Kennel Club website, which I created and work on is featured! I have to say, I am quite proud of this!

AKC Website Spotlight (scroll down to middle of page)

10-19-2012 to 10-20-2012
News from the Homefront and Beyond!
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) and I were at the Springfield IL shows for Friday & Saturday.
Tata was BOS on Friday
She was BOB on Saturday under Ed Bivin!
This was her last show as she is due to come into season in November and if she does, she will be bred. With Tata, for the little bit she has been out there, it has been a wonderful ride full of highlights! She has had a wonderful career and I am very proud of her and what she has accomplished in the show ring.
Across the pond, Derby (Temora's Photo Finish) was BOB and won the Terrier Group at an open show with Sheila Stoddart handling her!
This was a critique she had from a previous show where she won the Cc and BOB:

Stoddart & Seaton's Temora's Photo Finish, excellent bitch of correct type & balance, b/t, good head, neck & shoulders, correct coat, moved & showed well to win CC & BOB - Judge Ernie Darby

Roya (Millvalley Touch of Class) is here now waiting for her puppies. She is due to have them at the end of this week.
I know her other Mom & Dad are excited and it is so wonderful to have them involved in the whole process.




10-3-2012 to 10-7-2012
This was a HUGE weekend, not only in agility, but conformation.
Montgomery is the largest all-terrier show in the USA. On Sunday, there were close to 2000 terriers of all kinds entered at this show. Aussies averaged around 21 for the weekend, which is pretty good!.
Also there is agility, just for terriers, Leslie and Libby (CH Temora Maid in America) were there again and here is what Leslie had to say:
A year has made a huge difference in Libby's agility life. This year, we were at Terrier Week for the first 2 days. On Day 1, she earned her first leg in Novice FAST with a first place, and in Jumpers, her first leg with a very nice 3rd place. She did her weaves and is working away from me with much more confidence! On Day 2, she had no Qs in any of her 3 agility runs, but we did qualify in rally obedience for our RA, so give her another set of initials after her name! Although we had no Qs today, she did a lot of things very well. It's all a learning experience, and a successful run is not measured simply by whether or not you qualify.
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) was also showing this weekend in conformation.
He placed on Thursday under Zane Smith - SEL Dog
On Saturday he WON THE BREED under Kerry Lee from Australia!
With this win, he has finished his Grand Championship!
He is now: GCH CH Temora Ri Deircc
Yeah Mac!
Considering all, including the fact the is not shown much, I am very very happy with the results.

9-21-2012 to 9-22-2012
News from the Homefront and Across the Pond!!
First, Libby (CH Temora Maid in America) who is owned by Leslie Hoy, had this going on:
Tonight at our fall Teacup agility trial at Bella Vista Training Center, Libby Q'd in all 3 runs (2 standard, 1 game). We earned our Games 3 title with a very nice second place. What thrilled me even more was our 2 Qs in Intermediate Standard. This was her first time at this level and she now has to do weaves. Do them she did, and very nicely, too Both her Qs in Standard were 1st place finishes. We have no more Teacup trials until December but I'm sure we will finish the year with at least 1 more new title.
Across the pond at the show in Great Britain,
Derby (Temora's Photo Finish) was awarded her first CC at Driffield today. She won the BCC and BOB!
Way to go Derby and Sheila!!

News from the Homefront!
Just found out that Bull (CH Temora Bully For You) has his 5th Champion offspring!
With this, and if there is enough points, he will get his ROM EX. Bull is my hero and my best friend in the canine world. He will be 9 years old this coming January. Very proud of all that he is, and all that he has done.


8-17-2012 to 8-19-2012
News from the Homefront!
Been another busy weekend, last one for a while
Mac will still be out, but Tata and I are done for the moment.
Mac was at the Muncie IN shows, on Thursday and Friday he took a Group 4
Tata and I were at the Marshfield WI show,
Tata was BOS each of the three days, we took a Group 3 in the Owner/Handler Series on Saturday.
That would make Tata and I #1 in Australian Terriers and Mac #2 at the moment. Kinda cool!
Did not attend the Owner/Handler Group on Sunday, wanted to get home and visit the baby!

08-09-2012 to 08-12-2012
News From the Homefront!
It has been BUSY the last 4 days!
On August 9th at 7:16am, Keira Mae, my first grandchild made her entrance into the world!
She is 6lbs, 6 oz and 19" long
Danielle and Keira came home on Saturday, so it has been very busy here. We are all wanting to hold her she is soooo adorable!

Also on Saturday, Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) and I were at the Cudahy Dog show in South Milwaukee WI.
Tata was BOB over Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc). Poor Mac, he was in front of us with Leonardo. He kept turning around.
As far as he was concerned, MOM and TATA were behind him, and that is where he wanted to be!
Tata also won the Owner/Handler Group1, that was fun

08-04-2012 to 08-05-2012
News from the Homefront!
Tata (GCH Temora Taint She Sweet) and I were in Winona MN for the Coulee KC shows
Tata was BOB and took a Group 2!
Tata was BOB and again, took a Group 2!
Very happy with the results.
Kennel Club member Mareth Kipp was a judge at this show. On Sunday, she missed a step coming down some stairs. She hit her head on the back of the last stair. She said she felts ok, but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. All us Kennel Club members as well as others are ALL hoping she is ok.

7-27-2012 to 7-29-2012
This weekend was the Waukesha Kennel Club show in which I am a member of.
We had the Take The Lead breakfast and raffle and I was in charge of that as well as trophies.
The Breakfast and Raffle went well for our first time, already thinking of things to do for next year to improve on what we did this year.
We raised $4569.50 for Take The Lead.
NOT BAD for a first time at this!
Also showed Tata on Friday, she was Best of Breed and made the cut.
Saturday and Sunday she was Best of Opposite
On Saturday I also showed Roya and Dani
Roya was Winners Bitch
Dani was Reserve Winners Bitch
Saturday was also the Owner/Handler Group.
Tata placed 2nd in the Owner/Handler Group
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) was in OH for the shows there, he was BOB on Saturday and took a Grp3!
Also across the Pond, Anne-Lii was showing Mirelli (Temora Adventure in Reval) and she won the JCAC both Saturday & Sunday
So she now has MORE titles to her name:

News from the Homefront!
News from Leslie Hoy & Libby!
Libby (CH Temora Maid in America) earned a 3rd place finish in Beginner Standard in Teacup Dog Agility under judge Sheryl Lynch at Dandy Dog Training Center in Carlisle, PA. I was really pleased with the way she ran. Plus, this was her Beginner Standard title--the TBAD.
Congratulations to both of you!!

Thank You Laurel Walker for the nice article about me and Take The Lead!
Of course Bull (CH Temora Bully For You) was mentioned as well! I told him he was a star, he just yawned at me. :)

07-13-2012 TO 07-14-12
News From the Homefront!!
Tata and I were at the Belvidere IL shows, it was HOT!
Tata Best of Breed and a Group 3!
Tata Best of Breed!

06-28-2012 to 07-01/2012
News from the Homefront!
Mac was in MA for a couple days of shows. It was a 4 day cluster, Mac showed 2 out of the 4 days.
He was Best of Breed both Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, a puppy out of Mikey (CH Temora P' New Guy in Town) bred by Gerard Walsh, was Winners Bitch on Saturday and then won the breed from the puppy class on Sunday!
Huge Congrats to Jerry!
I was in West Bend WI with Tata on Sunday. She has been with Leonardo showing and is home for the summer. OMG, she is like a locomotive going around the ring. I can not keep up with her! I am going to have to learn to move faster I think. As it was, she was BOS to one other Special. Have to get some practice with her before we go back in the ring again!

Here are some photos of Dani swimming as we fill up the Doggie pool. I am sure she wishes it was bigger!


Libby (CH ALTCH Temora Maid in America) earned her second RA leg under judge Katie Maess at Dauphin Dog Training Club in Hershey, PA. We were a bit out of practice owing to my surgeries and injury this spring, but we earned a respectable score of 86. Afterwards, she celebrated her Q with a yummy dehydrated duck foot (yuck), which she happily crunched up in record time!
Congratulations Leslie & Libby!

6-15-2012 to 6-17-2012
Tata was at the Graylake shows this weekend. I also took down on Saturday, Dani, Roya & Kiara to show.
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was BOS
Dani (Benayr Danube So Blue) was WB for 2 points
Roya (Millvalley Touch of Class) was RWB
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was BOB
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was BOB
ON Sunday, David 'Officially' graduated from High School. I am so very very proud of him!
He now will be going to college to study Engineering, but has not decided yet what part of engineering that he is most interested in.
Bryan also graduated from college, he now has an Associate Degree in Diesel Mechanics and Technology


It has been busy around here at the Seaton Household.
Viki had her puppies on 6-8-12, Mom and babies are doing well. You can see photos of them on the 'Puppies' page.
My son David has been done with High School since January, he 'officially' graduates on Sunday.
Bryan has finished college, he is now a certified Diesel Mechanic.
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) is in a show today, I have my girls in tomorrow and then Leonardo has just Tata on Sunday.
Also, Take The Lead put out a video in regards to what they do and how they help people.
Please watch it, this is a worthwhile organization and I was in the video along with Kiara.
I made mention of this in my April news that I was in Virginia working on this video, it is now up.


Libby (CH ALTCH Temora's Maid in America) qualified in her Standard run at a TDAA agility trial at Bella Vista Training Center. She took a first place with a time of 38 seconds on a 72-second course. Now all she needs is 1 more Q for her beginner title!
Congratulations Leslie & Libby!!


5-28-2012 to 6-4-2012
Well, The 72nd National Specialty is now History!
It was a great week, everything went without a hitch and I can only hope that everyone had a great time!
We raised a LOT of money during the raffle so it was worth taking all the millions of stuffed animals to St Louis. Mainly on top of my car, I purchased a soft carrier to get them down there.
I think the people that helped put the baskets together were amazed at how much we had to work with, but ALL the baskets went over well and people were happy with what we had to offer. It was fun seeing all these stuffed animals all over the show grounds and the hotel. We know where they came from!! :)
The Temora Clan did well all considering at the show!
Thursday, May 31st
Angelo, (Marble Arch The Corner Man) owned and bred by Sandra Weigle, who is out of Mac's first litter was WD/BOW for a 5 point major
Secret (Temora I Won't Tell) owned by Carol Whitehead was 3rd in the 12-18 month class
Sunni (Temora Come Spirit, Come Charm), owned by Carol Arnold was 4th in the 12-18 month class
Roya (Millvalley Touch of Class) was 4th in the Open Class
Tata, (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was SEL bitch
Friday, June 1st
Sweeps (Judged by Sheila Stoddart)
Angelo, (Marble Arch The Corner Man) was Best in Sweeps
Lanie (Roachan's Lakeside Party) bred and owned by Ann Roache, who is a bitch out of Bully (Ch Temora Bully For You)
was 1st in the Puppy 12-18mos
In the Regular Classes:
Angelo, (Marble Arch The Corner Man) was 2nd in the Bred-By Regular Class
Secret (Temora I Won't Tell) was 2nd in the 12-18 month class
Sunni (Temora Come Spirit, Come Charm), was 4th in the 12-18 month Class
Lanie (Roachan's Lakeside Party) was 1st in the Bred-By Class
Kiara (Temora Where Magic Lives) was 4th in the Bred-by Class
Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa!) was Winners Bitch & Best of Winners for a 5 point major!! Congratulations Carol Arnold!!
She is now:

CH Temora I Should Cocoa!

Tata, (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) got an Award of Merit

Saturday, June 2nd
Angelo, (Marble Arch The Corner Man) was 2nd in the Bred-By Regular Class and also was RWD
Bernie (Roachan's Weekend At Bernies) bred and owned by Ann Roache, who is a Bully son, was 4th in the Bred-by class
Dani (Benayr Danube So Blue) was 4th in the Puppy 6-9 class
Sunni (Temora Come Spirit, Come Charm), was 2nd in the 12-18 month Class
Secret (Temora I Won't Tell) was 3rd in the 12-18 month class
Lanie (Roachan's Lakeside Party) was 2nd in the Bred-By Class
Roya (Millvalley Touch of Class) was 4th in the Open Class
Tata, (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was Best of Opposite
Sunday, June 3rd
Angelo, (Marble Arch The Corner Man) was 1st in the Bred-By Regular Class and also was RWD
Secret (Temora I Won't Tell) was 1st in the 12-18 month class
Sunni (Temora Come Spirit, Come Charm), was 3rd in the 12-18 month Class
Roya (Millvalley Touch of Class) was 3rd in the Open Class
Tata, (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was Best of Opposite
Monday, June 4th
Angelo, (Marble Arch The Corner Man) was Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 5 point major, this completes his AKC Championship!
Secret (Temora I Won't Tell) was 2nd in the 12-18 month class
Lanie (Roachan's Lakeside Party) was Winners Bitch for a 5 point major!

Overall the Temora Kennel did very very well!
There were:
68 Australian Terriers on Thursday
76 on Friday
60 on Saturday
61 on Sunday
34 on Monday
(all of the above are not including AB dogs, it was just the original count) I think we more than held our own!!

News from the Homefront!
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was at the Clarksville KC show in TN this last weekend. She was Best of Breed and took a Group 2 under Gloria Geringer.
Good friend Sheila Stoddart comes in from Scotland on Saturday and we leave for the National Specialty at Purina Farms on Monday. This has been quite an experience chairing a dog show! It makes you appreciate what goes into the shows that are held every weekend and the people that organize them!


Well, my daughter Julie get's married this weekend.
Hard to believe!!
Right after that, we have the National Specialty show that runs from May 29th to June 4th.
We have close to 80 people attending!
My goal was to have 100 Australian Terriers entered for the show.
It does not close until 5-16-12, so hopefully I will know by next Thursday whether I met my goal!
It will be fun no matter what as we have plenty of things planned.
No shows this month, too much to do.
Hope to see Everyone at the National!

04-22-2012 to 04-23-2012
On Sunday and Monday I was in Richmond VA with Kiara (Temora Where Magic Lives). We were there to shoot a video for Take The Lead, an organization that helped pay for a transplant that I needed in 2005.
You can read about the transplant and Take The Lead here: "Islet Cell Transplant"
Miguel Betancourt, a very famous photographer in the Dog World is donating his time and talent to produce this video. I have always been in awe of his talent. After spending 1 1/2 days with him near where he lives, I can honestly say this is a most creative, honest and an all around nice person. He does have one flaw however, he does not eat!! He spends all his time photographing the food!! Talk about dedication!! :)

Hi Everyone,
I have had some inquiries as to why my website is so quiet as of late.
Well, my daughter Julie is getting married on May 12th. Right after that is the National Specialty, which many of you know, I am chairing.
So for the moment, my plate is, as they say 'FULL.'
I have one show at the end of April with Mac, but other than that, in the month of May, I will not be showing much, if at all.
On the other hand, Viki (CH Temora Maid of Islay) has been bred to Bull (CH Temora Bully For You).
Her puppies, (if she is pregnant and although it is too early too tell, I am sure she is), will be born the first week of June. (Yes, after the National).
Bull sired a litter last year and two puppies out of that litter are being shown and at the CO show this last weekend, the girl - Lanie got her first points by going WB/BW both days. Congrats to Ann Roache, the Breeder of that litter!

04-14-2012 to 04-15-2012
Mac and I were at the Birch Run MI shows this weekend. We did not do anything, did not think we would, Mac is not looking his best at the moment, but I was there to see about a Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen (PBGV) puppy. I have always wanted one. (No, not getting out of Aussies!)

Carol and her husband Mark were at the Concord NC shows this weekend. Carol was showing Cocoa (Temora I Should Cocoa!) and Mark was showing Sunni (Temora Come Spirit, Come Charm). The Charlotte Observer took some photos, they all look wonderful!


03-23-2012 to 03-25-2012
Secret (Temora I Won't Tell) was in a show in Camrose Canada.
She was BOB, BOW, WB on both Friday and Saturday. According to Michelle Whitehead who handled her, she showed very well every day. Her freestacking was very good and she didn't try to jump off the table after the exam so that is an improvement. (Sounds like a typical aussie if she is jumping around like a pogo stick)
Congratulations to Carol, Michelle & Secret!

Belated news from 03-03-12
Sheila Stoddart went to Newton Aycliffe 50th Anniversary Show, here is what she had to say:
Derby (Temora's Photo Finish) whom I co-own with Julie Seaton was BPIG.
Thanks to Judge Mr. Tom Johnston.
We came home with some lovely Rosettes and a cup as well! She had to challenge her "best friend" Alice (Millvalley Red Garnet) to win this and Alice was not thrilled with me handling Derby..suffice it to say that the feistiness of the red Aussie came out to the dismay of her handler Darren!! Needless to say both girls traveled home in the same crate!!


03-15-2012 to 03-18-2012
News from the Homefront and across the pond!!
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) is at the Lexington KY shows from Thursday to Sunday.
We also have some exciting news from a show in Latvia!
Tata was Best of Opposite
Tata was Best of Breed
Tata was Best of Opposite
Latvian Winner 2012 in Riga.
Mirelli (Temora`s Adventure In Reval) JCAC Best Female BOO LVJW12. Thank you to judge Revaz Komasuridze!
Congrats to Anne-Lii and Anne Moilanen (to the right of Anne-Lii)

3-8-2012 to 3-11-2012
News from the Homefront and Beyond!!
Exciting weekend so far!! Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) is in TN for the shows there and Paris (UK/AM CH Temora's The Simple Life) is being shown at Crufts.
Here are the results:
Tata was Best of Opposite
Tata was Best of Breed
Tata was Best of Breed AND
Angelo, (Marble Arch The Corner Man) who is from Mac's (CH Temora Ri Diercc) first litter he sired, was WD for his first 2 points!
Per Sandra Weigle, who bred and owns Angelo, the judge just loved him!
Tata was Best of Breed and at Crufts, Paris was second in her class, the bitch that was ahead of her also won the Bitch CC AND Best of Breed!
Considering the competition, I am extremely pleased at how well Paris did!


2-23-2012 to 2-26-2012
News from the Homefront!
Went to the IKC show for the weekend.
Longggggg weekend and lots of walking, but it is good for me. I had different dogs entered on different days.
Tata was in all 4 days, Mac on Sunday and Roya and Bella on Saturday.
Here are the results:
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) BOB
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) BOB
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) BOB
Roya (Millvalley Touch of Class) Winners Bitch
Bella (Temora Blue Bella Blues) Reserve Winners Bitch
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) BOB
Mac (Best of Opposite)
AND we were entered in the Owner/Handler portion of the show.
Mac and I won the Terrier Group!!
Now, THAT was fun doing Best in Show with Mac! Did not win BIS, but had fun in the ring!
It was a GREAT weekend!


2-18-2012 to 2-19-2012
News from the Homefront& Across the pond!
Mac & I were in Des Moines IA for a show. It was interesting to say the least!
There was a cattle show going on next door and so there were cow turds everywhere! On Saturday, Mac decided while I was talking to someone when I was exercising him outside, that he would ROLL IN THE COW POOP! Needless to say, I had to show in 1 1/2 hours, had no blow dryer, had to give him a quick bath as it was on his back and haunches. He went into the ring looking like a Cheeto Cheesepuff. Needless to say, we did not win that day!

Also heard from Leslie Hoy and Libby, here is what she had to say:
Every year, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) posts national rankings of the top teams competing in each level of rally obedience. Rankings are calculated by points earned in competition; the higher the score, the more points it carries. We who compete in APDT rally eagerly await the list every year to see who among us made it.

I am so incredibly proud to tell you that Libby and I made the national list... we tied for 11th place in Level 1 !!!

Not bad for a little girlie who didn't know "Sit" not too long ago!

Across the pond Derby, who has been sent to Sheila Stoddart was in her first show!
Derby was BOB and took a Grp4 as well!
Congrats to Sheila and Derby!

At Westminster, Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was
to Zeb BEST OF BREED (GCH CH Kambara's Zebulon) who's dam is Temora's Flight To Kambara!!


Well, had fun on Sunday
Decided to go to Indiana for one day with Mac instead of making strudel with the family up north. Most people would say I was nuts, but what dog show person is not!!
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) was the only aussie entered, so he won the Breed, then went on to take a Group 4!
All the Handlers that did not go to the garden were at this show, so it was not an easy group!
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was at the Garden State Terrier show with Leonardo Garcini. She won the breed against 7 other aussies (that is assuming they all showed of course) and made the cut in the group!
Great day and even though it was a long drive and I forgot the time zone change when heading out, I now have by memory what I will stay to a sheriff when I get stopped for speeding!
Now we wait for tomorrow as Westminster is on as of today and the terriers show tomorrow and Tata is entered!
Wish her luck!


From Leslie & Libby (AKC/UKC CH ALCH Temora Maid in America RN RL1 URO1):
On Sunday, 2/12, Libby and I earned our Rally Level 1 Excellent (RL1X) in APDT Rally under judges Stephanie Capkovic, Joan Klingler, and Kim Pike. To earn this, you need 10 additional qualifying scores after earning the Rally Level 1 title. All her scores were over 200, so she also receives an Award of Merit certificate. And we get a big purple and lavender rosette! Three trials make for a very long day, but she did a wonderful job.


01-27-2012 to 01-29-2012
I was at the Grayslake IL area shows this weekend.
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) was shown by Leonardo Garcini and on Sunday I entered Carmeen (Redhawk A Take On Red) and Roya (Millvalley Touch of Class) for their first shows.
Tata was Best of Breed
Tata was Select Bitch
Tata was Best of Breed
Roya was Winners bitch for her first point
Carmeen was Reserve Winners Bitch

Also on the Homefront, Tilda (Temora Waltzing Matilda LaRoo NA NAJ)was in an agility trial with her young owner Allison.
This is what she had to say:


Yesterday we were at an agility trial. We ran Excellent A STD first. We NQ'd; Tilda knocked the bar/bars on the triple bar jump, missed a jump, and did a fly off on the teeter. Our time was 70.07 out of 75 seconds.

In Open Jumpers w/ Weaves we qualified, got first place, and got our OAJ title!! Our time was 40.35 out of 45 seconds.

Congratulations Allison & Tilda!!

My good friend Susan Bentley just called to let me know that Zoe out of GCH CH Kambara's Zebulon X GCH Temora Taint She Sweet is now:

CH Temora Temptation

Zoe started her show career at the Portland OR shows this last weekend and finished as well!
Congrats Susan & Zoe!

Note in Regards to the National in May/June:

To ALL Aussie Lovers:

As the Hospitality Co-Chair and a member of the Gateway Terrier Association, I hope to see you and your Aussies at the Rally trial being held Thursday, May 31, 2012. Very nice prizes are being offered, including a really special prize, described below, for novices.

- entry fees paid for ALL entries for that dog during the week in (obedience/rally, earthdog, coursing, & conformation) - offered by Heather Rife DVM


1-12-2012 to 1-15-2012
Tata (GCH CH Temora Taint She Sweet) is in FL for the first of the shows there.
She is being shown by Leonardo Garcini.
I will list the results as I get them.
Tata was Best of Breed
Tata was Best of Opposite
Tata was Best of Breed
Tata was Best of Opposite
She held her own and I am very Proud of her!!!

Also in Florida, Mary Hall who owns Hart (CH Temoras Flight to Kambara) just got another title. Hart is now:
(CH Temoras Flight to Kambara CD RE CA)
Congratulations Mary & Hart!!


1-7-2012 to 1-8-2012
Mac (CH Temora Ri Diercc) and I went to the Land O Lakes KC show in MN this weekend. There was an aussie entry of 4 including Mac.
Mac was Best of Breed on Saturday and Sunday.
He made the cut in a strong terrier group on Saturday. He showed beautifully and I was very happy with him.
A HUGE Thank You to judges Charlotte Clem McGowan and Karen Wilson for the compliments that they had about him


To start the year off right, a photo of Tata's (GCH Temora Taint She Sweet) Best of Opposite win from the AKC Invitational.
Thank You to Leonardo Garcini who handled her at this show.

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