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1 - blue/tan boy available

8 month old Blue/Tan Female available
Please email me for information

Our breeding program combines the finest dogs to produce happy healthy dogs
with correct size, color, temperament & conforms to the standard.
We do not charge more for "Pet vs Show Prospect" because all of our puppies are top quality.
Our sires and dams are carefully evaluated prior to the mating process to assure
that the breeding is keeping to the standard set by the Australian Terrier Club of America.

Information for you when Reading a Pedigree
The initials ROM and ROM-EX stand for Register of Merit and Register of Merit-Excellent.
These are titles given by the Australian Terrier Club of America to dogs owned or bred by club members.
The Australian Terriers that have been given those initials are in an elite group of dogs
that have produced enough champions to be awarded the title.
However, it also helps us as breeders to know that our breeding programs
are moving in the right direction, breeding dogs that consistently produce quality within the breed.
The registry is also a history of our breed and a roadmap of quality within our pedigrees
as it shows the many dogs that are top producers.

Check out the Australian Terrier Club of America (ATCA) website Breeders Directory.
ATCA Breeders have a Code of Ethics agreement they MUST sign.
Buying a dog from an ATCA member guarantees you, the Puppy Buyer,
that the Dog or Puppy you are buying is abiding by that Code of Ethics!

Photos of Previous Puppies