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The story of how we got into owning an Australian Terrier is very simple. My husband had 2 hunting dogs that were completely devoted to him. I wanted a lap dog to do the same with me since I did not hunt. So after research and speaking to Breeders I got "Abe" from Susan Bentley. He changed my life forever.

Abe was a classic Aussie.
Beautiful, Smart and Stubborn
I gained a few gray hairs because of him.
He was my pet first and show dog second. He won at dog shows due to his beautiful face.
He won at agility fun matches due to his incredible knack of being able to jump over anything.

Thank You for the Memories
You are Still & Will Always be Missed


A Poem By My Daughter:
Julie A. Seaton .....
For Everyone with an Aussie

A True Friend

Friends to the End
An Enjoyable Friend
All you Need is my Friendly Touch
You don't need Much
All I need is a hug when I'm Blue
That's Simple for You
You Keep My secrets the Best
A True Friend needs no Test
You Keep My Feet Warm at Night
Of Course, We never Fight
You Protect Me from Birds and Mice
That is Very Nice
You Leave Me Surprises on the Floor
I Couldn't Ask for More
You're Always Ready to Attack
You're Always Ready for a Snack
I Call You by Many Different Names
But that's okay, you just want to Play
I'll Throw the Ball
You'll Fetch Anything At All
You May get Spoiled
But You Deserve it, You're Loyal
It's Hard to Find a Friend Like You
Most Disappear into the Blue
You are My Most Playful Friend
A True Friend to the End

6-24-1997 to 5-12-2001